Protesting student debt

This video is another example of the student debt crisis we face in this country.

One fundamental issue is that we’ve created an incentive structure to push students into borrowing money in order to get an education. The rational decision would be to pick an affordable school, but those options are limited. The college experience is so ingrained in our culture that many families want that for their children.

Also, we have young people making bad financial decisions, and too many parents aren’t helping. You shouldn’t take out a big student loan to go to a small, private college if you can pay much less at a state school. Also, if you’re going into a field with little earning power, this decision is even more important.

This video also discusses the Debt Collective, which was born out of the Occupy Wall Street movement and helps people dispute debts with a goal of cancelling their loans. It currently has over 700 people who are planning to never repay their loans.


Improve your memory


When you consider tools you can acquire to improve your career, the ability to process and retain information should be one of your priorities. Remembering details such as names can be critical in business, along with remembering important information about processes, products, markets etc. as you perform various jobs and tasks.

But many of us struggle with this, particularly the simpler stuff such as names. We’re overloaded with information in the modern world, and we make things even harder on ourselves with constant distractions with our phones and countless media sources.

If you’d like to understand how to improve your memory, consider listening to this podcast where Jordan Harbinger interviews memory expert Jason Kwik. This podcast offers some great background on the importance of memory and the concept that all of us have the capacity to dramatically improve our memory. You’ll learn the importance of paying attention along with tactics to help you with that process.

As Jim Quik stresses, knowledge is power, but learning is a super power. If you’re devoted to lifelong learning, your chances for career success with grow exponentially. Also, if you learn techniques to better process and retain information, that process of lifelong learning will become even more effective.


For-profit colleges finally become politically toxic

female worker typing at keyboard fingers

For years, regulators and the Obama administration have been trying to reign in all of the abuses of for-profit colleges. In a nutshell, these colleges make big promises to students and then encourage them to take out big student loans. The colleges get paid, but then when students can’t get the type of jobs they were promised (or just drop out), they’re stuck with the student debt and there’s zero risk for the colleges. These for-profit colleges have lower graduation rates and much higher student-debt default rates than traditional colleges.

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How Distance Learning is Paving the Way for the Future


Historical Significance of Online Programs
The option of attending college via online resources provides many students with alternative and convenient ways to achieve their educational goals. In 1892, the University of Chicago offered the first distance learning program, which enabled the school to provide course materials to students who could not attend campus classes. Overtime, more institutions began to integrate programs that allowed students to choose online courses to complete the requirements for certain degrees. For instance, by 1960, the University of Illinois implemented an intranet for students, and in 1997, the California Virtual University was established. Today, hundreds of accredited postsecondary institutions in the U.S. offer virtual programs for undergraduate and post baccalaureate programs, like Lindenwood University.

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How to Keep a Balance Between Your Social and Academic Life

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Are you worried about your social and academic life? Feel like you aren’t getting enough time for either? Balancing out study and fun is difficult, but very important. If your life is not balanced, you will find you will either lose touch with your friends or be unable to keep up with your studies. If you are looking to start studying, you will be glad to know that most providers, like Evocca College, can help you to work out your timetable to suit your study/social life balance. These tips will help you achieve that balance.

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