Preparing your resume to pass AI screening


One common complaint regarding the job search process involves how many responses candidates receive after submitting resumes. This article about the role of AI and robots in the screening process helps explain that problem.

It’s so much easier these days to submit resumes electronically, so employers need to find efficient ways to screen to the large number of resumes submitted for posted jobs. In most cases, your resume will never be seen by someone responsible for filling a position, as most resumes will be screened out by the AI algorithm in order to funnel the best candidates and save time regarding human review.

With that in mind, the article linked above lists a number of tips to help you make your resume more likely to pass these AI screening. It’s definitely worth a read.


Verbs for your resume

resume and glasses

As you write your resume, it’s easy to use common phrases and verbs like “led” and “increased” as you describe some of your accomplishments.

This article from Time has some great suggestions of other verbs you can use in place of more commonly used verbs and phrases.


Getting Your Resume Ready For International Jobs or Business


Whether you are looking for a job or are bidding on a services contract with an international client, it is often the case that you will present them with your resume or the resumes of team members in order to show them the level of talent that you have. Of course in most cases, the resumes can be posted online and easily reviewed by clients.

What happens, however, when you need to show your qualifications to someone in a different language? As you know, the language that you use to write your resume is key to your success when you go to find a job or contract. So any translation that you do needs to be perfect or you will face the same hurdles that you do when you use less than stellar English phrasing to describe your self in your own language.

Here are some tips for getting your resume ready for international work:

Focus on your skills: In some countries, the curriculum vitae is used as a complete history of your career while the resume is specific to the job that you are applying to. It is a good idea to adopt this as an international standard and just focus on providing skills and work experience information that is germane to the job or contract that you want to obtain. You might consider creating a curriculum vitae separately in case the employer or client asks for one.

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How to Choose a Resume Writing Service

Resume writing services are more popular than ever. Thanks to a tough and competitive job market, job seekers are doing whatever it takes to stand out from the crowd. Hiring a resume writing service is only one way they accomplish this. A resume writing services firm can create a professional resume from beginning to end or tweak your current resume.

By using a professional resume writing service, you can ensure that your resume will have a professional and polished look, and the format will be appropriate for your experience level and career goals. In addition, an experienced resume writing service will have the ability to highlight strengths that employers look for and create a resume that details experience relevant to the job and the industry you’re hoping to become a part of.

Many resume writing services also offer career tips and advice. They’ll give you information about the best job sites, recruiters, and interviewing tips. They can also help you customize your cover letter and resume to fit each potential job.

To find the best resume writing service, it’s best to obtain a referral. Ask co-workers, friends, and family members if they’ve ever used a resume writing service and if they were pleased with the results. If so, schedule a consultation. In some cases you can do this in person, and in others you can do it over the phone or even via email. If you can’t find a referral, the next best thing is to shop around.

Use your favorite search engine to find at least 10 resume writing services. It’s never a good idea to settle on the first service on the list, so you’ll have to do your homework. Review each website carefully to find information about how long the service has been in business and contact information—including a mailing address. Communication is very important, so find out if you will have direct contact with writers and/or customer service. Direct contact with writers is always more helpful, of course.

After reviewing the information discussed above, review samples of their work. Some resume writing services will have samples online, while others will be more than happy to email samples. Outside of researching the resume writing services’ website, check the Better Business Bureau to find out how the service rates. Look online for complaints, reviews or any other information you may be able to dig up. The more information you have about the services on your list, the easier it will be to trim the list to two or three services.

Once you have a short list, you can start making phone calls. This might help you shorten the list even more. The way any given service responds to phone calls is very important. If they are difficult to reach, this probably isn’t a good sign.

After choosing a resume service, you can expect to pay as little as $100 on the low end to have your resume prepared and up to $400 on the high end. The price may also include customer service help, interview tips, job site listings, contact information for recruiters in your area, and job search tips.

To browse through reviews for some of the most popular resume writing services on the web, visit


Crafting a Catchy Cover Letter


One of the worst things you can do during your job search is send a generic cover letter to a potential employer. And by generic, we mean using openers such as, “In response to your advertisement for the position, I am sending my resume for your review.” The problem with this is, everyone uses “stock” openers such as this, so it will rarely (if ever) help you stand out from the crowd. Instead, use a branding statement as your opener such as, “With more than 10 years of forensic accounting experience…” See the difference? The second opener addresses the company’s need for a forensic accountant and it let’s them know right away that the applicant is well seasoned.

Once you’ve made it past the opener, it’s important to include facts that support the requirements. The International Business Times offers this example:

“I see you are interested in hiring someone with strategic-change management experience.” (Or whatever the key requirement of the position is-highlight it here). Then tell-or even better, SHOW-the reader why you have that experience: “In my present role with ABC Distributors, I did XYZ, which resulted in JKL.” Showing the potential employer-right off the bat-you possess a desired attribute or requirement for the position will prompt the hiring manager to invest more time in reading your resume.

If your cover letter states-in so many words-“I am the perfect match for your opening, and I can meet/exceed your needs…” then you immediately get my attention, and I’m more likely to invest time in reviewing your resume.

Here’s a tip: do not use bullet points or material word-for-word from your resume; provide the hiring manager with fresh information on your cover letter.

Details are important too, so make sure:

  • -The formatting for your resume and cover letter match
  • -The headings match
  • -There are no typos or spelling and grammatical errors
  • -Your contact information is current, including your main email address

And finally, at the end of your cover letter, always offer to follow up by phone or email within one to two weeks, then mark your calendar.


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