Tweak your company logo using Midjourney or other AI tools

Here’s a fascinating post from the @fofrAI Twitter account describing some fun prompts you can use on Midjourney to get variations on a company logo.

The prompt is simple: Ask Midjourney v5 to ‘/describe’ some logos. This let’s you see how it would create prompts for them. Then use the same prompt to see what Midjourney would create in response.

The results are impressive when applied to iconic brands like Starbucks, Apple, Twitter, Adidas and more. See the Starbucks example in this screenshot but go to the link for more examples.

Screenshot 2023-04-09 085627 640

The key takeaway here is you can use Midjourney and other generative AI tools to brainstorm logo ideas, but even more importantly create unique and interesting variations on your current logo for your business.

Play around with it, and you’ll likely come up with some eye-catching designs that can fuel some of your marketing initiatives.


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