Working with HR

Whether you’re looking for a new job or you’re in a company with an HR department, knowing about the HR operations can give you a big edge. A recent article on Yahoo! Finance explains some of the current dynamics in the HR world. One issue is that HR departments are shrinking, so they also have fewer resources and rely on outside help.

One issue involves catching their attention at a time when HR departments are getting flooded with resumes. Your cover letter and your resume need to be targeted to the desired position.

With unemployment hovering around 10 percent, HR managers are inundated with responses for every job posting. In fact, some companies are hiring outside firms to post jobs and sort through resumes, presenting only a dozen or so qualified candidates for consideration. How to make the cut? Be sure your resume and cover letter highlight the skills asked for in the job posting; HR tosses applications that don’t meet all the basic criteria. And ask yourself what in your background fits the company’s needs, says Mike Wright, senior vice president of outsourcing sales with Hewitt Associates.

Another angle: Approach an in-house recruiter or hiring manager before they post a position. Try using business-oriented social-media sites like to meet contacts, says O’Donnell. Judi Perkins, founder of, says she found most of her clients jobs this way. When you score an interview with HR reps, take it seriously — you never know how much say they have in the process. And ask them what qualities they look for in employees. “You really need to sell them on your abilities,” says O’Donnell.

There’s also all sorts of privacy issues in the workplace today as well. Just assume that HR is watching you, and that your actions in and out of the workplace can impact your career.

With profits rebounding Wall Street starts hiring again


The economy seems to be rebounding, banks are reporting huge profits, and now we’re hearing that Wall Street is hiring again.

Will this trend continue and result in significant numbers of new hires? Nobody knows, but this is still a good sign. Wall Street firms will start with high end jobs like traders and risk managers, but it can be expected that support staff and entry-level positions will follow. As the economy ramps up, lean firms will want to make sure they don’t leave money on the table.

If you’re out of work, now is the time to get really aggressive. Go back to many of the contacts that said no several months ago. Chances are they might be rethinking their approach.

The Benefits of Emergency Cash Loans

Emergency Cash Loans for Any Situation

Cash emergencies can occur at any time and in most any situation. Cash emergency situations can range in need from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars for a person’s needs. Emergency cash loans are designed to provide an answer to those emergencies. Companies who provide emergency cash loans work closely with people in need of immediate cash to help them through a financial crises. Situations where emergency cash loans are beneficial include automobile repairs and medical emergencies (medicine, equipment, etc.). There are also personal situations where there is a lack of cash and emergency cash loans are a quick answer. This can include financial situations with bills that are higher than expected or sudden emergency home repairs.

Differences in Cash Loans and Credit Cards

Emergency cash loans are different from unsecured credit cards. Both loan situations require an application process, but emergency cash loans are paid back differently. Credit cards are paid back to the lender over a period of time with a fixed finance rate attached. Emergency cash loans are required to be repaid within a definite amount of time, usually coinciding with the applicant’s payroll period. This method is a huge draw for many people who experience a lack of cash between pay periods. They are able to take care of financial needs right away.

Cash Right Away with Emergency Loans

By nature of emergency cash loans, they are designed to only be used in case of emergencies. They are beneficial because they don’t require any collateral to secure a loan. The promise of repayment is usually the proof of payroll and the applicant’s signed contract. They are also beneficial because the applicant doesn’t have to wait a long time to receive the emergency funds. Once emergency cash loans are approved, they are available the same day for the applicant to use.

Get Custom Products from Online Printing Templates

Online printing companies often offer a variety of free templates for customers to use if they decide to design their own products. You can find printing templates for brochures, envelopes, business cards, calendars, invitations, catalogs, newsletters, and more. Using a template as a starting point is one way that you can customize your products without having to understand every aspect of graphic design.

With online printing templates, start by selecting the size or style of your project. If you want to print a brochure, you can select whether you want a half-fold, letter-fold, double parallel fold, z-fold, or right-angle fold. Then select the size paper you want to use for the project. An online printing company offering templates might include a suggested layout and folding guidelines.

If you plan to customize the template, you’ll want to have a basic understanding of bleed and safety zone. Bleed refers to printing that goes beyond the print area. It can prevent a thin line of white space around your final product after cutting. The safety zone is the boundary where your design or text needs to stop. This prevents the online printing company from cutting off your design, which can make it look awkward or unprofessional, when trimming your products to size.

The design on a template will vary among online printing firms. Some will offer a complete graphic design, which you could use as is after customizing the information to fit your marketing plan. Other online printing companies offer a basic template with instructions designed for you to delete as you add your own images and text. Even if you plan to use a fully designed template, make sure that you put your personal touch on it. Doing so will prevent you from having the same product as another company.

Job market showing signs of life

We’ve been hearing anecdotal evidence that hiring has been picking up, and today’s job numbers confirm the trend with some good news on the jobs front.

Employment in the U.S. increased in March by the most in three years and the unemployment rate held at 9.7 percent as companies gained confidence the economic recovery will be sustained.

Payrolls rose by 162,000 last month, less than anticipated, figures from the Labor Department in Washington showed today. The March increase included 48,000 temporary workers hired by the government to conduct the 2010 census, as well as job gains in manufacturing and health services.

The government revised January and February payroll figures up by a combined 62,000, putting the March gain at 224,000 after including the updated data. Caterpillar Inc. is among companies adding staff, indicating the recovery that began in the second half of 2009 is starting to foster the jobs needed to lift consumer spending and sustain the expansion.

Let’s see if this can be sustained. Much of the stimulus money is still in the pipeline, so we can expect more hiring resulting from those federal dollars and they work their way through the economy. Also, manufacturing seems to be picking up, so that could also have a very positive effect.

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