How to Keep a Balance Between Your Social and Academic Life

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Are you worried about your social and academic life? Feel like you aren’t getting enough time for either? Balancing out study and fun is difficult, but very important. If your life is not balanced, you will find you will either lose touch with your friends or be unable to keep up with your studies. If you are looking to start studying, you will be glad to know that most providers, like Evocca College, can help you to work out your timetable to suit your study/social life balance. These tips will help you achieve that balance.

Be organised

Being organised is a sure-fire way to success. If you start setting yourself a schedule, you will easily be able to find a balance between study and play. Write on a calendar the times you have allocated for classes and work, and give yourself plenty of time for study. Any time you have left over, you can use to socialise, relax and enjoy yourself. Move around your study time to suit the time you organise to spend with your friends. It can be hard to match up with when others are free, luckily study time can be fairly flexible. A schedule ensures you never fall behind on your work while still enjoying yourself. Studying can be very stressful, so make sure you don’t overdo your schedule and always book some time to relax.

Join a study group or club

Study groups are great because they kill two birds with one stone: you have the chance to socialise as you study. It’s also fantastic time to bounce ideas and problems off of other people. Social and sporting clubs are also good news for your schedule. They generally happen around the same time each week and go for the same amount of time, allowing you to book them into your study calendar. Meeting new people all who have a shared interest with you can directly improve your study performance.

Set priorities

Sometimes you will just need to take charge of everything that is going on. Time conflicts will occur at some point; they are unavoidable. Study, work and social life will all butt heads eventually, and you will have to make good choices when that happens. A balance is very important: you cannot study nonstop without a social life, just like you cannot leave study for your friends. You will have to make compromises and choose what the best course of action is for you, and then be tough with yourself and stick with it. Luckily, some course providers like Evocca provide flexible study options to help you work around obstacles in your week.

Once you have found your perfect balance, you will find everything a little bit easier. You will be enjoying yourself while still getting ahead in your course. How do you keep a good balance between your social and academic lives? Pop your tips in the comments section below.


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