Should You Display Your Diploma?

pretty woman at graduation

If you toiled away in college and finally received your diploma, congratulations! That took hard work, perseverance, and a hefty outlay of greenbacks, whether you ended up with a law degree, medical degree, or MFA in poetry. So, what do you do with that sheepskin after your graduation ceremony? There are many different opinions on the topic. While there are no right answers, it sometimes helps to hear what others have decided.

Let Your Parents Keep It

Some students’ parents are so darn proud of their offspring for graduating from college; they want to display their sons’ and/or daughters’ degrees in the family home. These proud mothers and fathers hang their adult kids’ diplomas:

• In an artful arrangement with all their kids’ degrees in matching frames
• In their son’s or daughter’s former childhood bedroom-turned-guestroom
• In their family room, den, or home office

Hang It in Your Own Home Office

If you have an area of your home that you consider your office, whether it’s a separate room or a corner of your kitchen, this can be a perfect spot to display your credentials. You might:

• Hang your diploma up with your spouse’s or partner’s
• Add your framed certificate to an arrangement of family photos.
• Prop your framed degree on a bookshelf. You can purchase a diploma cover to help it blend in with other books if you’re feeling rather bashful.

Take It to Work

You can take your college diploma to work and hang it there, especially if it’s pertinent to your employment position. Displaying one’s degree is not just for doctors and lawyers. It can be an interesting conversation starter between workmates.

Display It in Plain View

If you’re proud of your diploma and want to showcase it for all to see, go for it! You can really give your bachelors, masters, or doctorate degree center stage if you:

• Add a large colorful mat and stunning frame to create a noticeable tribute to your education.
• Set up a wall-art spotlight, so that no one misses it when they visit your home.

Be Creative

If you don’t want to leave your diploma at your parents, hang it in your home or work office, place it in plain view, or merely file it, there are other creative options, such as:

• Put it into a glass vase and make a lamp out of it.
• Frame it behind the toilet for a novelty.
• Encase it in a glass-topped coffee table with other family memorabilia.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide whether to display your diploma discreetly, prominently, or not at all. It’s a matter of personal taste and if anyone judges you for doing it one way or another, just consider the source and rise above it.


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