Remote work explodes


With the Covid-19 crisis, everyone is being forced to re-imagine work. Companies that resisted flexible work arrangements are now doing everything they can to get things done with most of their team stuck at home.

Naturally, this is spilling into the job market as well. LinkedIn reported that remote work’s share of job listings increased 28% in March.

The question will be how much of this persists once we start to return to normal. Companies have been exposed to how much can be done with workers at home, so why devote so many resources to large, corporate offices? What are the long-term implications for commercial real estate? Which industries will see real transformation, and which will mostly go back to normal?


The great employment shift


With the Coronavirus crisis, the once-robust job market has been destroyed as we embrace social distancing to bend the curve and do our best to reduce deaths. But the economic ramifications are devastating. So many businesses are struggling. Some may have to close down permanently, while millions of workers are losing their jobs. Think about workers in restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, entertainment venues, etc.

Meanwhile, certain businesses like grocery stores, online businesses, etc. are thriving as most people are isolating at home.

The result is a huge spike in workers needed for certain business. Here’s a very handy list of companies that are hiring now.


Issues related to dating someone at work

man and woman

Can you date someone at work? That’s a loaded question of course, as so much depends on the situation and context. Frankly, in today’s world this isn’t such a good idea. At the very least, you should be much more careful, and frankly more discerning when facing this choice. There will always be issues and more pressure, so you have to ask yourself a simple question . . . is the added risk associated with an office fling or relationship worth the trouble?

One factor you have to consider is company policy as it relates to your specific circumstance. Both you and your potential dating partner should both understand if your relationship will be permitted by company policy. If not, there are still risks involved with dating someone at work. Relationship drama is much worse when all your coworkers might know about it. But these risks grow exponentially if you’re violating company policy. If you’re a supervisor thinking about dating someone below you in your department, then you’re asking for trouble and can easily lose your job.

Another factor to consider is whether the two of you want to keep the relationship private or are you fine with dating out in the open. Remember that even if you want to keep it private, the chances are very high that coworkers and bosses will eventually find out.

Finally, keep in mind what’s going on right now. The CEO of McDonald’s was fired after a relationship with an employee. An executive at BlackRock recently lost his job as well. So think before you act!


Give yourself time to read and think

Here’s an interesting clip of an interview with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. They key takeaway here is that you don’t do yourself any favors by completely loading up your schedule. Don’t be so quick to block off your time, as it’s your most valuable asset. This is particularly good advice for busy CEOs and entrepreneurs. Reserving time to read and think is critical to success.


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