6 Ways To Protect Yourself While On Business Trips

Small businesses are especially vulnerable to fraud and identity theft. Many lack the resources to hire an internal auditor who can keep an eye on vital financial accounts and organizational information. Therefore, the responsibility falls on the owner and the employees to be extra careful with company information when traveling. Here are 6 ways to protect yourself while on business trips.
1. Only use one credit card when traveling. Leave every other card at home, in a safe place. If you do find yourself the victim of credit card theft, you’ll be able to limit the loss if only one card is stolen.
2. Check all accounts daily. Make sure you log on and check all of your financial accounts daily while on a business trip. If a dishonest cashier or waiter has managed to steal your identity or credit card information, you’ll see the illegal activity as soon as it posts to your account. Then you can call your bank and report the theft. They’ll cancel the account immediately.
3. Add identity theft restoration to your travel insurance.  Identity theft restoration could be the single most important service your insurance company can provide. If you find that your credit card or identity has been stolen, you’ll have immediate access to the right kind of support. That quick call could save you thousands of dollars in financial losses to your company.
4. Use pre-paid credit cards when traveling for business. A pre-paid credit card allows you to load it up with a limited amount of cash. Once that limit is reached, the card will be declined. Even the fastest thief will run out of juice before he does any serious damage to your company’s bank accounts. If you reach the limit before you’re ready to go home, you’ll have the authority to reload the card. It may be a little inconvenient, but it sure beats the alternative.
5. Keep your laptop locked in the hotel safe. Most hotels have safes in the rooms. Keep your laptop and any other information that would identify you or your company locked in that safe. Identity theft happens in many ways, and a savvy thief, who works as a housekeeper, can rob you blind with just a few key strokes.
6. Turn on the pass code on your smartphone. Smartphones carry as much personal information as our laptops, so make sure you turn on the pass code while on a business trip. In the event you leave it on a restaurant table, no one will be able to access vital financial and personal information. Hopefully, you’ll be able to get back to the place you left it before anyone can crack the code.
Always use some kind of identity theft restoration when traveling for business. You’ll be using strange ATM locations and shopping in strange stores. It’s much more difficult to spot suspicious activity in places that aren’t familiar. If you aren’t properly protected and insured, ask yourself if your business can afford a theft. How will you protect yourself?


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