3 Ways to Assess the True Worth of your Degree

The job market has always been competitive in one way or another. No matter what the job, you as a potential employee need to somehow stand out from the rest of the applicants.

These days, employers are turning their sights towards potential candidates who possess more than just a standard college education. Those on the job hunt who possess advanced degrees often look more appealing than other candidates.

Check the Accreditation of the School 

If you are going to pursue advanced education, check to make sure the school offers accredited programs. It would be a terrible feeling to get to the end of a course in higher education and find out you have an unaccredited masters.

Employers will generally tend to only acknowledge advanced education degrees from accredited schools. You want to be fully recognized for all of your hard work in your advanced degree. Researching each school thoroughly will help to avoid heartache in the future.

Know the Outcome of Your Chosen Degree

While many people choose to undertake an advanced degree to benefit their current career, there are many others who choose to pursue the degree to start a new career.

If you are one of the latter, it’s a smart idea to fully research the types of jobs and potential careers that will be available to you upon completion of your course. A course may sound appealing, but it’s no good if you can’t get the kind of job you want out of it.

Ask Those in the Know

There’s no better way to find out the true worth of a degree than directly asking someone who has the same one.

Also, if you know of anyone currently working in the field you want to get into, have a talk with them and ask them what kind of advanced degree they have. There may be a better option out there that you have not yet researched.

It might also be a good idea to ring around to various companies that you could see yourself working for, and asking the human resources department exactly what type of advanced degree they would be looking for in a potential applicant.

Ringing around to businesses is also a great way to network and make some employment contacts for the future. It never hurts to get started early!

Any degree is a lot of hard work for anyone. Make sure you will be fully recognized for all of the work you have put in, and employers will then start to recognize you!

What kind of advanced degree are you thinking about pursuing? How do you know it is accredited?


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