Economic news keeps improving

It’s time to get back out there. Demand is picking up from everything including consumer products and being reflected in rising used car prices. We just heard that credit card debt spiked at the end of 2011. This is a huge sign that people are getting more optimistic about the economy. When people start feeling better, they spend more. When they spend more, businesses realize they need to ramp up production and supply. This is econ 101, so the job you were looking for last year might now be available this year.

It’s been a rough 3 years since the bottom fell out of the housing market and then the job market. Many people have given up looking for work. But now is the time to get optimistic and aggressive. Don’t sit on your hands. Dust off your resume, go back to all your old contacts and also get creative. There are new fields opening up. Did you know there was a domestic oil and gas boom going on? Read the business sections of newspapers and web sites.

You just might find your self in a great position earning a living wage again. You can finally dump your old car and you’ll be driving a used Porsche 911 that you’ve been dreaming about. Maybe you can put a bid on that cool house that just went through foreclosure. Or get your old house back!

It’s time to think differently. It’s a new year, and the sentiment out there is changing. Take advantage of it!


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