Journeying from GMAT Prep to a Great Career

No matter what level of education you have right now, you may want to go on to graduate school. If you decide to do that, you’ll need to take the GMAT so you can get into business schools that offer advanced study. If you don’t pass the test you won’t get in – and you generally need to get a certain score before you’ll be admitted to a particular program. The good news is that you don’t have to flounder through the test, hoping that you’ll get a good score. You can take the GMAT prep and be better-prepared.

While the course won’t give you all of the answers, it will help you see what kinds of questions are offered on the test. It will also allow you to pinpoint your weaknesses. If you do this early on, well before you actually have to take the test, you can find those weaknesses and work on them. You might not fix them completely, but you’ll have time to improve them so that you can be better suited to take the test and do well on all portions of it. Some people are better at certain areas of the test than others, so finding where you do well and where you struggle is vital.

Once you take the course and then take the test, you can go on with your schooling. Having an advanced degree in business is something that not everyone is able to achieve. This will set you apart from the rest and set you up for higher chances of promotion. You’ll also be better able to start your own business if you decide that you want to do that. Your options will be a lot more open and interesting.

Why Not Consider a Home Working Career?

With so many job cuts happening as a result of the credit crisis, many people are finding themselves out of work and unable to cover their expenses each month. Not only have people who lost their jobs missing a regular paycheck, but they have also lost access to some of the financial solutions that they may have previously used to cover shortfalls. By securing a part time job, people can still access short term credit by applying for payday loans. Still, it is imperative that those without full-time employment begin to bring in good money again as soon as possible.

What money-making options are available when you can’t secure a traditional full-time job? One popular option that many people are currently exploring is being self-employed by working from home. With many people having home Internet access and with the constant improvements in communications technology, more people are finding remote work or working from home jobs. When considering a work at home arrangement, people who have lost their jobs should consider their existing skill set. Do they have expertise in a certain area that they may be able to put to use in a work at home position? Teachers, for example, should search online for tutoring and examination grading opportunities, while those who have good literacy skills may wish to consider a career in freelance writing.

Beauty therapists who no longer have a secure position at a salon could use their existing skills in a home-based sales position for a cosmetics company. Those with experience in the catering field may be able to provide a travelling chef service, visiting people’s homes to cater parties or even give lessons in basic cooking. The key to finding a self employed or work from home position is to think laterally and look beyond the constraints of previous jobs for new opportunities.

Stay Professional When Looking for a new job

If you’re looking for a new job or career, one thing that you will most definitely want to have is a great set of business cards. Being able to hand these out to prospective employers is important. Not only do these have your contact information, but it also looks extremely professional to have business cards. Whether you give them out like candy at parties or you save them for only extremely potential employers, being able to show that you are a professional person can be extremely advantageous for most people.

The economy today is very difficult. It can be extremely hard and frustrating to find work. For many professionals out there, it has become a long process of trial and error. One thing to help you rise above the rest of the pack is to have professional business cards that you can hand out. Another thing that may help you is to have a professional looking resume. Knowing someone else in the field or in the company that you are applying at can also help significantly. A lot of times you will be competing for a certain job with many other extremely qualified candidates. Anything and everything that helps the company see that you are a great choice is a good idea.

Whether you have had training in your field, have worked in it previously, or are trying to break into a new type of work, these are all important things to keep in mind. Look and act in a professional manner any time that you may be meeting with potential employers. Do not burn bridges. The more you burn bridges, or have in the past, the more it gets around. You do not want to be passed over for a job because the interviewer heard about the way you left your previous job — and it wasn’t good at all.

Social Media Monitoring

The benefits of digital marketing are significant, and as there are more ways to measure the success of digital marketing initiatives in terms of brand messaging and visibility and return on investment, more organizations are incorporating digital marketing methods into their overall marketing strategies as they are quick, effective and cost-efficient.

Among the many types of digital marketing out there are search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing, both of which involve using the Internet as ways of promoting their organization’s products or services.

Search engine optimization involves using keywords and keyword phrases to help direct potential clients to an organization’s website. Once the keywords are identified, they are used in the meta tags and meta description of the organization’s website as it appears on a search engine results page. From there, the keywords are tied to the website’s page headers and page titles, and woven into the website’s content, all working together to form a tightly integrated method of helping propel your organization’s website to the top of a search engine results page, thereby increasing the website’s visibility to clients, which leads to increased web traffic and e-Commerce.

Social media’s role in marketing is more focused on quickly reaching clients by releasing news bites, promotions and other types of information in real time. By using social media, an organization can distribute its own press releases without having to go through a wire service, alert customers to promotions and even solicit feedback. And thanks to social media monitoring, organizations can manage their online reputations and quickly respond to any client concerns that are voiced on online forums. Social media programs are also great for engaging clients via online discussion forums and relaying information on new products and services.

Innovation Amid Uncertainty

Internet star Ariana Huffington has been highlighting the innovation of displaced workers as part of the publicity tour for her book Third World America. Huffington first rose to fame as the wife of a rising political star in California. The then Republican, Huffington earned a reputation as outspoken, which served her well as her views and position changed.

Huffington went through a scandalous divorce and shifted her political views to the left as she branched off on her own. She founded the successful blog and news site and has become a regular guest on television shows. Huffington reinvented herself amid adversity, something that she says the American worker must do in the midst of a global economic meltdown.

Global finance created the mortgage bubble, which has resulted in millions of homes going into foreclosure and a multitude of lawsuits that could take a decade to resolve. Despite the volatility of this environment, Americans must find ways to survive as the corporate structure reorganizes.

Huffington seeks out stories of innovation. On a trip to Atlanta she highlighted the efforts of a grandmother who had no experience with business or online marketing. She outsourced the work that she did not understand and created a business to sell homemade pralines online. The business adapted to the marketplace by seeking out a niche market that the grandmother understood.

Huffington’s effort to highlight these stories has been recognized by heavyweights including investor Warren Buffet. Buffet has noted that the slow economy is causing the nation to waste the talent of its workers. Rather than waiting for the economy to turn around Buffet has encouraged workers to volunteer or start their own companies.

Due to resources such as, innovators can find resources to help them turn an idea into a profitable business. While it might not turn into a career, the experience could help workers fight through uncertain economic times.

Consider an Online Education in Psychology

If you’re considering an online education, psychology is an option of study that you may not be aware of. Many people take online courses and graduate with a variety of degrees, but not everyone realizes that an elite course such as psychology is also available through an online degree program. With work and discipline, you can get an accredited degree in psychology right from your own home.

There are many different fields you can enter after graduation with a degree in psychology. Applied psychology, school psychology, counseling, clinical psychology and mental health are just a few of the many areas available. What is even more promising is that an official degree can be obtained without having to physically go to a college campus. The convenience of an online degree means you can work your class schedule around you job and your family life.

It’s important that you research the many fields available in psychology to find the one that fits your interests. Then find out what the requirements are for entering that particular program so you can locate the best online college. With a solid academic foundation it may be easier to get your degree than you realize.

The income that can be earned with a psychology degree varies greatly and all depends on the field you plan to master. The most important aspect is to choose a field that you are truly interested in instead of picking one just because you think it earns the most money. While most psychology fields can earn quite a substantial income, enjoying the work that you do is paramount to success in any field. If you love your job, you’ll want to continue to learn about it and you’ll find it more fulfilling throughout your career. If you decide to get an online education psychology degree, there are many exciting opportunities waiting for you.

College Loans and Debt Consolidation

Education is often touted as the reason many people rise from obscurity and impoverished conditions to power and privilege. In many communities, getting accepted into a respected university is a goal that parents want their children to achieve. College is known as a way to attain success. Yet in the last quarter century, it’s become harder and harder to get a college education without finding yourself deep in debt at the end of your college career.

At a typical four year public college, the yearly cost, including room and board, is estimated at just over $15,000. When looking at private universities and colleges, the total increases to a staggering $35,000 per year. Since these are averages, there are many colleges with costs that are both lower and higher. Still, going to college has become a very expensive endeavor.

While the country is in a recession, most universities continue to increase tuition rates well beyond the rate of inflation. There are few families and even fewer students who can pay these fees outright. So, the education system is built on credit, financial aid, and staggering amounts of debt. Many students come out of college financially broke and deep in debt.

Once out of school, students have six months to get some kind of income before they need to start paying off their student loans. Students are allowed a lengthy time to pay off their debt at low interest rates. However, each college loan is a separate payment. Having multiple payments coming due at once is daunting even for students who have solid jobs. Many students have taken it upon themselves to contact debt consolidation firms. These institutions can help alleviate the pain of multiple payments. By consolidating multiple payments into one, you lower your monthly payment while also lowering the interest paid on the loans every month.

Getting A Criminal Justice Degree

A criminal justice degree is great for anyone who wants to work to keep people safe. After graduation you will become a part of a huge community of others who are also dedicated to serving and protecting the public. One of the best ways to get your degree is to go to school online.

Getting Your Degree Online

There are a lot of online schools available to choose from once you graduate from high school or get your GED. In these programs you will learn how to identify and explain criminal behavior patterns and analyze how society controls both the criminal and the crime. Of course, how to put an end to crime is also examined. Included herein are the studies of sociology, philosophy, law, psychology, public administration, urban studies and forensic science.

The jobs you can Choose From

Once you graduate with your associate’s degree you may want to work as a crime scene technician. This is a really popular job because it has been showcased on a lot of television shows today. As a crime scene technician you will be working to solve puzzles from the clues that are left behind at crime scenes (i.e. physical evidence). To do this job you must be really objective and organized. You will also need to have strong computer skills.

What to Expect in the Future

There will be plenty of jobs within this field well into the future. However, your salary will vary depending upon the line of work you do. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there will be an 11 percent increase in the need for police jobs to be filled and a 16 percent increase in the need for correctional officers’ jobs to be filled in the near future. So, clearly, jobs are not scarce in this field.

Making Online Education Work for You

Online education establishments are now bigger and better than ever. Not only are they the perfect solution for people who cannot attend college for any reason, but they are now equally respectable as offline education. Establishments such as offer a range of courses to suit every potential learner, and even offer financial aid and scholarships. They also provide a range of resources and a support network to ensure you get the best from your online education.

Order text books in advance. If you plan on borrowing them from a library, check how long you can have them for, and what their availability is like. Books online often sell out fast, so keep your eye out for good prices and ensure you have all the recommended reading. Not only does this ensure you get a balanced view on each topic, but it also gives you more material to reference in assignments.

Set up a work area. Having a desk and chair purely for work is a great idea, if it’s possible. Store your textbooks nearby, and have a notepad and pen for note making. Make sure any other equipment you may need is to hand, too. Keep your mobile and TV away, to try and minimize distractions.

Schedule your study time. Work out how much time you need to spend each week, and divide this into days. Look at where you have free time, and are least likely to be distracted. Then schedule in blocks of study time, remembering to allow yourself to have breaks. This is good for stopping procrastination, as you know you only have to study for a certain amount of time. gives you information on how many study hours each course needs, and what you should be reading during this time. There is also support available to help, including advising on self-study.

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