Top 3 Tips for Great Salon Management


Running a salon is a very hands-on kind of job, so listening to your customers is very important. When it comes to matter of beauty like hair and nails, most people prefer to find a salon that they like and stick with it. It’s a similar relationship to one you might have with a doctor or a dentist; there’s a lot of trust involved, and so it’s important that your clients are happy with your services in order to retain your customer base and sustain an excellent reputation.

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Considering job swaps

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There are all sorts of new management ideas and trends these days, but the idea of the job swap is very interesting, and possibly very useful.

One morning in May Nadim Hossain drove to work, sat in a weekly sales forecast meeting, met with the marketing team, and gave feedback on ad messaging. Only it wasn’t his office, his job, or even his company.

À la the TV show Wife Swap, Hossain, then vice president of marketing at San Francisco-based PowerReviews, was in the midst of an executive job swap. He traded roles for the day with Jon Miller, VP of marketing and co-founder of San Mateo, Calif., software firm Marketo, hoping to gain some insight into his own role by experiencing someone else’s.

It worked. Since PowerReviews — now owned by Bazaarvoice — is a Marketo customer, Miller came away better understanding the issues facing chief marketing officers. Hossain, for his part, returned to PowerReviews with pages of notes on ways to motivate his sales team, woo big brands, and identify leads. “A fresh environment is always a good way to generate new ideas,” Hossain says.

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