Workplace of the future . . . from the past

Here’s Walter Cronkite in 1967 doing a feature on the home office of the future that would be possible in 2001. Fascinating!

Higher minimum wage would save government $7.6 billion

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One of the biggest battle in Washington and in states around the country involves the minimum wage. It’s basically a fairness argument versus those who think this can hurt jobs.

Still, this data should also be taken into account:

- If the minimum wage were raised to $10.10, more than 1.7 million American workers would no longer rely on public assistance programs.
- Raising the minimum wage to $10.10 would reduce government expenditures on current income-support programs by $7.6 billion per year—and possibly more, given the conservative nature of this estimate. This would allow these funds to be repurposed into either new programs or expansions of existing programs to further leverage the poverty-fighting impact of this spending.

Corporations are making tons of profits and we have very low inflation. It seems like a perfect time to raise the minimum wage!

What every Business Owner needs to know about Cloud Storage


Whether you’re a single contractor or the head of a multinational organisation, it’s likely your business could benefit from a cloud-based storage solution. Storing files and software in the cloud allows for easy file sharing, mobile access, and file security. There is a range of cloud storage platforms out there, from the generic, lower security options through to specialised, security-focussed platforms like Your Digital File. If you’re considering a cloud storage solution for your business, this article outlines a few key issues and considerations.

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Unemployment rate falls under 6%

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In more good news for the job market, the unemployment rate has fallen to 5.9% as job growth exceeded expectations. For all the gloom and doom out there, this is further evidence that the recovery from economic collapse that started under President Obama is real. Of course it’s spurred in part by very aggressive action by the Fed, and there are some risks associated with that strategy. But letting the economy collapse in 2008/2009 as many suggested would have led to economic catastrophe. Instead we have a fighting chance to slowly and steadily right the wrongs from the economic crisis.

If you’re looking for a job, now is the time to get even more aggressive.

Applying for a Merchant Account: 6 Strategies for Writing the Perfect Cover Letter

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If you want to be able to accept debit and credit card payments from your customers, you will need to have a merchant account set up.

A merchant account like the one can apply for here, is a specifically designed bank account for holding funds that have been captured from card details provided by customers paying for goods or services.

Having a merchant account is a convenient and generally cost-effective way of taking card payments for your business, and you will have to apply for an account and meet a number of conditions in order to be accepted.

Why you need to apply

There is a very simple reason why you have to apply for merchant account and pass the application process. The merchant account provider is accepting an element of risk every time they accept a card payment on your behalf, so they need to know that your business is sound and the goods or services you offer are acceptable.

When the retailer or services provider fails to deliver or there is a dispute, the customer who has made payment by credit card will sometimes request a refund. The merchant account provider will want to know that you can help to minimise their risk and that your business is financially sound.

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