For-profit colleges finally become politically toxic

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For years, regulators and the Obama administration have been trying to reign in all of the abuses of for-profit colleges. In a nutshell, these colleges make big promises to students and then encourage them to take out big student loans. The colleges get paid, but then when students can’t get the type of jobs they were promised (or just drop out), they’re stuck with the student debt and there’s zero risk for the colleges. These for-profit colleges have lower graduation rates and much higher student-debt default rates than traditional colleges.

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Beating Procrastination

Of all the bad habits that can hurt your career progression, procrastination has to be near or at the top of the list. We’re all guilty of it in both our personal and professional lives, but those who can manage or even overcome these impulses will have a huge advantage. Sometimes the less talented employee will rise faster because they don’t let important tasks go unaddressed.

There are many approaches to managing these impulses. One of my favorites is to make a list of only one or two things each evening that you want to complete the next day. Then attack them first thing with the goal of finishing them by 10 am. By doing that you’ll be far more productive and will feel good all day as you approach other tasks. All guilt will be gone!

The video above offers some helpful tips tied to how our brain works. Things like automating things that you don’t like doing can be a huge help. And then use incentives and costs for good and bad behavior. Check it out!


Looking To Solve Your Personal Issues Online?

Every single person in the world will eventually end up in the situation in which some personal problems appear and help is necessary to get over them. This is where we normally talk about the influence of family and friends. However, those that are the closest to us are not always available. They have their own lives and their own possible problems.

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Secrets to a Successful Career as a Truck Driver


Being a commercial truck driver is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, careers around. Benefits of embarking on this exciting career path include generous compensation and an opportunity to travel to new and interesting places. Whether you are brand new to the world of commercial driving or have years of driving under your belt, here are a few secrets to help you build a successful, long-lasting career.

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How to Improve the Safety of Your Commute to Work


Most of us spend a significant chunk of our time each day commuting to work. Whether you travel in a car, train, bus, or even ride a bike, it’s still a lot of time. And the more minutes (or hours) you spend commuting, the greater the chance of getting yourself into a spot of trouble. Let’s take a look at how to improve the safety of your commute to work.

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