Robots make warehouses more efficient

There’s plenty of legitimate fear out there about how robots will continue to take jobs away from humans. It’s not a short-term problem as unemployment is now low, but over the long-term many jobs will be eliminated by robots.

On the positive side, robots will make the jobs of humans much easier, in many cases by removing many tedious tasks that humans would rather not do.

This video shows how warehouse pickers can work alongside robots who can handle the job of transporting packages within the warehouse. Fetch Robotics, a Silicon Valley startup, will be contributing to the efficiency of there warehouses and making your online orders arrive even faster.


Becoming a Doctor: Do You Have What It Takes?


Certain personality traits are not only essential to be a good doctor, but are also a good precursor of who will be able to succeed at their medical studies. While the prestige associated with being a doctor might be one of main reasons people choose the profession, without the proper skillset and personality, you are doomed to fail. In this article, we’re going to explore some of the most important personality traits every doctor should have.

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Boost your Funds with the Stock Market


If you listen to the financial press, as a beginner you might be tempted to think that making money is about investing in the right stocks, rapid trading, spending countless hours glued to your computer and obsessing about what is happening in the markets. In reality, the secret to boosting your funds in the stock market lies in owning and holding securities and benefiting from their increase in value.

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Sales advice from Daymond John

Here’s some great advice from noted shark Daymond John explaining his three principles for selling. Every entrepreneur and salesperson should watch this.


Robots and Artificial Intelligence taking jobs

There’s been a lot of talk of the U.S. losing jobs to other countries through bad trade deals, and anger over this issue has helped give Donald Trump the Presidency.

Yet reality is much more complicated, as automation, robots and now artificial intelligence are also a huge factor, and these trends will help destroy even more jobs in the years to come.

Some of this is obvious. Just think about all of the robots and automation that have reduced the number of workers needed in manufacturing. We all want high wages for workers, but higher wages give companies even more motivation to automate more of the manufacturing process. As robots get smarter and more sophisticated, this trend will only accelerate.

Then consider artificial intelligence and the potential to make lawyers and accountants so much more efficient, which then reduces the need for more lawyers and accountants.

This trend will only accelerate, which raises tough issues for our leaders, particularly those who offer simplistic solutions to difficult problems.