3 Ways To Increase Your Productivity At Work


Are you seeking a promotion? Or do you just want to finish on time for a change? Increasing your productivity is a great life and work goal. It’s good for business, it means more free time during your day (or more time for extra projects), and the sense of achievement in completing a task is hard to beat. Below are some sure-fire ways of getting the most from your work day.

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Four Ways to Prevent Hearing Loss at Work

factory worker sparks flying

Your ability to hear is a very important asset. Whether you work in engineering, administration, health or customer service, you will need to communicate to colleagues, bosses and customers every day. So it’s important that you protect your ears.

Keeping your hearing healthy is as important at home as it is at work. In fact, occupational deafness constitutes a sizable portion of cases of hearing impairment and deafness. Here are a few ways to prevent hearing loss at work:

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4 Common Office-Related Injuries and How to Avoid Them


A desk job may not seem fraught with danger, but the reality is office workers count for a large proportion of injury claims each and every year. These are the top four office-related injuries and how to avoid them.

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How Distance Learning is Paving the Way for the Future


Historical Significance of Online Programs
The option of attending college via online resources provides many students with alternative and convenient ways to achieve their educational goals. In 1892, the University of Chicago offered the first distance learning program, which enabled the school to provide course materials to students who could not attend campus classes. Overtime, more institutions began to integrate programs that allowed students to choose online courses to complete the requirements for certain degrees. For instance, by 1960, the University of Illinois implemented an intranet for students, and in 1997, the California Virtual University was established. Today, hundreds of accredited postsecondary institutions in the U.S. offer virtual programs for undergraduate and post baccalaureate programs, like Lindenwood University.

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Warren Buffett’s rules of success

Warren Buffett is a brilliant man and he’s been incredibly successful. Part of his success are his devotion to simple principles and his discipline in sticking with them.

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