Should You Display Your Diploma?

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If you toiled away in college and finally received your diploma, congratulations! That took hard work, perseverance, and a hefty outlay of greenbacks, whether you ended up with a law degree, medical degree, or MFA in poetry. So, what do you do with that sheepskin after your graduation ceremony? There are many different opinions on the topic. While there are no right answers, it sometimes helps to hear what others have decided.

Let Your Parents Keep It

Some students’ parents are so darn proud of their offspring for graduating from college; they want to display their sons’ and/or daughters’ degrees in the family home. These proud mothers and fathers hang their adult kids’ diplomas:

• In an artful arrangement with all their kids’ degrees in matching frames
• In their son’s or daughter’s former childhood bedroom-turned-guestroom
• In their family room, den, or home office

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Starting a business? 5 things that will help

opportunity just ahead

Do you have dreams of owning and operating your own business? You are not alone. Many people, at one point in their lives, have dreamed of being their own boss and providing a service they are passionate about. Starting a business can be a rough road, but persistence is key. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Make a plan

What is your business structure? Businesses can come in many different forms. These can include online, family, franchise, contractor, and many others. What type of structure will work best for the product you want to sell? Keep in mind that many businesses are family operated, but also have a strong online presence. When planning your business, think about your product. What are you going to sell, or provide to the consumer? Where will your products come from? Consider all of the options and issues that may come up, so you do not find yourself overwhelmed.

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Three Reasons to Earn a Post Graduate Certificate Rather Than an MBA

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After earning your bachelor’s degree in business, you may be thinking about moving on to earn your master’s degree; however, there is an alternative to this that you should give strong consideration to. There are many programs that are offered by colleges throughout the country that enable you to earn a certificate in a narrow area of business. This type of certificate program has many advantages over the traditional master’s degree program. The following are three of these advantages.

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Become a beauty pro – and rake in the big bucks

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Beauty is one hell of a business to get into – for a start, it’ll earn you a healthy crust.
According to website Cosmetic Design, the beauty industry’s profits are set to soar to $265 billion by 2017 – that’s a cake you’d do well to take a bite from.

Indeed, unlike any other industry, there’s a marked stability in cosmetics, salons and surgeries. As beauty becomes a more acceptable commodity for both genders, the profit margins rise exponentially.

And it’s not a difficult business to get started. The avid beauty professional can set up a nail salon or beauty bar after a small amount of training.

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Moving Office? Use This Office Relocation List

IT worker setting up computer

Moving your office can often be one of the biggest challenges your business will face, as it can be extremely stressful, not just for you, but also for others around you. Packing and unpacking will be an important aspect of the move and you can either go it alone or contract expert business removalists, such as Your Local Movers, to help you out – click here to learn about how professionals can make this process easier for you. However, physically moving is only one aspect out of many, so having a list is one of the best ways to keep track of everything you need to get done. If you don’t have one yet, here are some things you should consider putting on your office relocation list.

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