Make Money as a Medical Office Administrator

hospital floor

Do you want more freedom and control over your future? With many different types of career paths, you’ll find that you have limited options for the future. Some careers will actually decline in the coming years, which means that the skills you develop will do little for you in the future. Most medical careers will grow at a fast rate and give you more hope. With office administration career programs, you’ll learn that skills that will help you run doctors’ offices, medical clinics, hospitals, medical departments and dozens of other medical facilities.

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Check the boiler room

When you think of a boiler room, you might think of an intense group of salesmen. But your building may have a real boiler room, and it’s critical to have it inspected regularly to avoid dangerous situations. Maintenance is key, and that is particularly true if you own the building for your workplace. Even if you’re renting, you should make sure your landlord is vigilant in order to protect the safety of your workers.

Check out the infographic below for handy checklists and ideas for boiler room maintenance, and then follow up to make sure to follow up.

Boiler Room Dangers and Safety (Infographic)
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5 Ways VoIP Can Benefit Small Businesses

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VoIP (or Voice over Internet Protocol) has been around a fair while. But now, as the internet is getting faster and more reliable, this technology is really proving itself to be invaluable… especially for small businesses. By removing the need for a traditional phone line and instead making phone calls via the internet, there are a range of benefits you will experience in your business. Plus, you don’t have to personally be a techno whiz to set it all up because managed IT support companies like Keyspace exist that both sell the systems and provide IT support for you. Read on to discover five ways in which VoIP will benefit your small business.

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Tips To Consider When Finding a Joint Venture Partner

handshake in business

Joint venture partnerships undoubtedly carry a significant level of risk, but they can also be an effective way to rapidly expand and diversify your portfolio. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with the risks that joint venture partnerships bring and tips to follow when considering entering into such an arrangement.

Why the Reluctance?

Particularly with joint venture partnerships based on business ownership and property transactions, investors are often reticent to get involved. This stands to reason – many of us have been exposed to dreadful stories of partnerships going awry, ending badly and resulting in significant financial loss.

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Workplace of the future . . . from the past

Here’s Walter Cronkite in 1967 doing a feature on the home office of the future that would be possible in 2001. Fascinating!