5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Quitting Your Job

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Contemplating whether to leave a job is usually a big decision, and one that needs to be made with plenty of foresight and careful consideration. For many people, the decision to leave one job before finding another, is a precarious one.

Leaving one job before committing to another can have a positive impact. Doing so provides you with a much-needed break, and the opportunity to concentrate on skill development and courses that can broaden your career horizons. For example, online and face to face courses (such as those provided by etrainu) can equip you with useful, sought after and highly relevant work skills.

But, before making the leap of faith and quitting your job, there are some pivotal questions to ask and it is critical that they are answered thoroughly and with great honesty.

What frustrates me about my current job?

Being clear about the frustrations of your existing position is very important, and by defining the issues, solutions often become apparent. It is worth considering whether the problem with the position sits with the work environment, people or the work itself.

Examination of the issues may reveal that resigning from the job is not necessary – it may be possible to diversify and find new opportunities in your existing work context. However, consideration of the issues may also show that leaving the job is the best solution, particularly if you discover you are working in the wrong industry or that the pace of work is just too hectic.

Have I taken the actions necessary to improve my current job?

Before you take the final and very definite action of quitting your job, ask yourself whether you have taken all actions necessary to improve your current job situation to the extent that it is workable. Sometimes (but not always) a change of attitude, modifying time management or work habits and opening up lines of communication with management can make a significant difference.

What do I really want from my career and my life?

Taking the time to define your priorities about what you truly want from your job and your career is not only important, it should guide the decisions that you make. For example, it may be a lifelong dream to study law at university and subsequently work as a lawyer, but if a flexible schedule is what you really want, a professional move of this nature may not be best.

It’s also worthwhile considering that a career change may mean that more study, a reduction in pay and the need to start at the bottom and work your way up will be necessary.

Do I have enough money to cover my expenses?

If you intend to quit your job, but do not yet have another job (or if changing to a lower-paying role), you need to examine your finances carefully and work out whether you have sufficient funds to cover your expenses – possibly for up to twelve months.

Financial planning experts recommend budgeting for expenses such as: mortgage or rent, credit card and loan repayments, food, transport, entertainment, clothing and any study expenses.

Do I have support?

Because leaving a job does affect other people in your life, it’s useful to have a frank and honest conversation with family members. This is particularly important if you have a partner or children.

On an emotional level, support can also be necessary if a sense of isolation is experienced after leaving a job and the structure that comes with employment is missed. A support system made up of family and friends can be invaluable in this regard.

While leaving a job can be liberating and create the space necessary for exciting new opportunities, the decision should not be taken lightly. By asking yourself a series of questions, you are better positioned to have thought about a range of possibilities and relevant factors.

3 Industries Set to Explode in 2015

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In today’s world of fast moving technological advancements and changes around every corner, it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends. Looking from the past and into the future can give us great insight into what industries are ready to make their mark on the world over the coming 12 months. You may have heard of a few of the below industries or be more than well aware of them, but the advancements over the next year or so are what will set these industries apart from the rest – and will even set them apart from the past years where they have less than flourished in their field.

Virtual Reality

3D Gaming is no longer a thing of the future, as developers and gamers all around the globe brace themselves for the release of the Oculus Rift, from Oculus VR. While it has been a long time in the works, the release of the latest in gaming technology is closer than ever, with preorders for developers now available online, with the beta stage of the product to be released to those in the industry in August this year. With the final stage being put into development, predictions are standing strong that the Oculus Rift will hit the market in a big way in 2015.

Electronic Cigarettes

They’ve been available on the international market for just over 10 years, yet electronic cigarettes are still considered to be a thing of the future, with many new designs recently surfacing that have provided a whole new take on the product. The newest designs of e-cigarettes provide a better experience for the consumer and have also worked out the kinks that were found in many of the earlier prototypes. The latest designs of electronic cigarettes have seen shoppers having more choice, with sleeker and cooler styles now available, along with a huge range of different flavours. With celebrities openly showing their love for e-cigs in 2014, we are sure to see this industry boom in 2015.

Mobile Gaming

While mobile gaming won’t be a new industry in 2015, it does look like one that is well and truly ready to explode. Over the past 24 months mobile and social gaming have experienced phenomenal increases in popularity, due to the wider range of availability across the market and advancements in gaming technology for portable devices. As the graphics become even better and the playability becomes even further enhanced, there will be no stopping the mobile gaming industry over the next 12 months, which will prove to be a very exciting time for developers and gamers worldwide.

Whether you’re looking to the next big thing in virtual reality or want to see what all the hype is about with the hot trend of electronic cigarettes, the future truly is now and it’s time to embrace these industries that are set to make waves in 2015.

5 Tips to Set Your Brand Apart from Your Competitors


We all want recognition, but if you are business in a market with competition, you don’t just want recognition, you need it. As you explore ways to define your brand and stand out from the crowd, take a look at what Simple has done for others to get an idea of what they can do for you.


It is important that when you display elements which identify your brand, there is a common theme that clearly links them all together. Think of it as a thread that serves to link all of the elements together. If any of the elements don’t fit in along the thread, find a way to make them fit in or eliminate them.

For example, consider what a customer may see after they have acquired one of your business cards and subsequently make their way to your website. Other than the name, do any of the style elements match. Have you used the same colors, fonts, logo and general theme? If not, they should and this type of branding should persist into any visual representation of your company.

Focused marketing

Marketing a product or business is not cheap so you want to be sure you are making the most out of your investment. Sure, ideally you want everyone to purchase your brand but your marketing dollars are best spent on ensuring that your brand is the one chosen by those interested in your product in the first place.

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How to get educated and make money without going to college

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A college education just isn’t for everyone. You might already know that it’s not for you, or maybe you’re sitting in your dorm room reading this and feeling that familiar squirm in your gut…either way, rest assured that there are other ways to have the career you want, without suffering through college. There are so many resources online, even on Facebook that can help you find your career or your true calling. It may seem impossible in this world where every man and his dog seem to have a college degree, but let me tell you, it is possible, if you are clever, determined, and hard-working. Here are a couple of important things to remember along the way.

Find your passion

What do you love? What do you enjoy? Once you find what you truly love to do, you will be able to find ways of making money doing it. You may need to be resourceful, for example: if you enjoy thrill-seeking and fast-paced action sports, you might be the kind of person who would enjoy Forex trading. The Forex world is incredibly quick, with the difference between two seconds potentially meaning the difference between ten thousand dollars and nothing. (For more information about Forex and currency trading visit www.knowledgetoaction.com.au) Find what you love, and you’ll love making money doing it.

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Are You a Leader or a Follower? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

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The world is full of different personalities, each as intricate and detailed as the next. In business, our character traits often define what role we have within a hierarchy. Confident, forward-thinking individuals are drawn to creative, management-type positions, while those who value tradition and direction often find themselves as employees. The role of leader and follower are equally important, for one could not survive without the other. Below you will find five questions that will help you think about which role you naturally gravitate towards.

1. Do you Cave Under Peer Pressure?

Every day it seems like there is some new crazy fad taking over. From diets to fashion trends and drinking games to cosmetic surgery, peer pressure is a driving force in many social phenomena. The business world is no stranger. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or the CEO of a multi-million dollar company, there will always be those who think they know best. A successful leader knows how to take advice on board, but not let it overwhelm or sway them.

2. How do Feel with Attention?

The limelight is certainly no stranger to Ron Bakir, an Australian businessman who started a mobile phone empire and appeared in the television advertisements himself. Could you do this? Though this is an extreme example, the reality is that a leader must be comfortable with speaking publicly and being vulnerable to criticism. Ron Bakir has certainly experienced his fair share of disparagement but has managed to turn his troubles into a success story.

3. Can you Listen Well?

When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen. These were the wise words from renowned author Ernest Hemingway. When we listen to people, not only do we learn new information, but we see different perspectives, allowing us to make informed and effective decisions. Being a leader does not involve talking over the top others or asserting authority at all times. Instead, respecting and listening to others will take you a long way.

4. Do you Think and Travel Outside the Box?

It’s no coincidence that some of the planet’s most successful business people are creative, innovative thinkers. Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and Walt Disney all saw past their challenges and restrictions, managing to forge their own unique paths to success. An effective leader has the ability to attract and maintain followers through their clear, pioneering vision. Do you feel content to follow tradition or do you want to set trends?

5. Are you Confident in your Abilities?

Afraid of being perceived as arrogant, wanting to be friends with everyone and an inability to see ourselves as skilled individuals; these are just some of the reasons why many of us shy away from the concept of self-promotion. Self-belief, however, is a powerful asset that when used positively, can propel you to great heights and inspire others at the same time.

How did you go? What did you conclude? Are you a natural leader or follower? Share your results and thoughts by commenting below.