Applying for a Merchant Account: 6 Strategies for Writing the Perfect Cover Letter

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If you want to be able to accept debit and credit card payments from your customers, you will need to have a merchant account set up.

A merchant account like the one can apply for here, is a specifically designed bank account for holding funds that have been captured from card details provided by customers paying for goods or services.

Having a merchant account is a convenient and generally cost-effective way of taking card payments for your business, and you will have to apply for an account and meet a number of conditions in order to be accepted.

Why you need to apply

There is a very simple reason why you have to apply for merchant account and pass the application process. The merchant account provider is accepting an element of risk every time they accept a card payment on your behalf, so they need to know that your business is sound and the goods or services you offer are acceptable.

When the retailer or services provider fails to deliver or there is a dispute, the customer who has made payment by credit card will sometimes request a refund. The merchant account provider will want to know that you can help to minimise their risk and that your business is financially sound.

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Major Money: 5 College Degrees That Can Make You Rich

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With a college degree in hand, you’re rich in mind, but it doesn’t guarantee you’ll have a lot of dollars stacked in the bank. For a young person attending university, it’s smart to seek college degrees that can make you rich upon graduation.

Petroleum Engineer

The mean salary for petroleum engineers is $130,000. Engineers find ways to extract gases and oil from underneath Earth’s surface. Generally spending days in an office or laboratory, engineers also spend long hours at drilling sites.

With a bachelor’s degree in engineering, workers may also have a past in mechanical or chemical engineering. Employment for engineers is expected to surpass the average job growth; employment is projected to grow 26% from 2012 to 2022.

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Safety Checklist to Ensure Your Workers are Protected from Risks


Protecting workers from safety hazards is the number one priority of business owners and site supervisors. Advancements in personal protection equipment (PPE) has made this process much more simple than it used to be, leaving no room for unsafe working at heights projects. Before you set off for your next worksite, consider whether you have checked all the safety boxes.

Have Risk Assessments Been Completed?

This is standard practice for most worksites. As existing hazards are different for each new site, an assessment should be completed before workers even set foot on the site. Completing a risk assessment allows site supervisors to identify any potential safety issues, as well as providing ample opportunity to work out the measures needed to avoid an accident or injury.

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5 Must-Have Items for the Writer’s Toolbox

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Every writer has a secret set of tools that he or she loves – tools that enhance the writing, make it easier to comply with clients’ wishes, and allow for the perfect word when writer’s block sets in. Most writers have to learn the hard way. You don’t. If you’re not using these tools right now, start by getting yourself acquainted with the welcome page.

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To Write Is to Learn

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Here’s an interesting article about the Cleveland Browns and how the new coaching staff lead by Mike Pettine stresses have his players take notes by hand in order to maximize how well they learn. Pro football can be very complicated and many people would be surprised how much classroom work is done by coaches and athletes. Pettine used to coach in high school and he picked up this approach from teachers who pointed out that you’re more likely to remember something if you write it down.

This is something you should keep in mind as well, and not just while you’re in college or grad school. A successful career involves consistent learning, and if you develop good note-taking habits, in the long run you’ll learn more and be more effective, regardless of your career choice.