3 Ways to Motivate Yourself

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Do you often make goals, only to procrastinate until the last moment (or, worse, not accomplish them at all)? Do you often write “To Do” lists but don’t ever get around to crossing off the items? You’re not alone. A lot of people are great at figuring out what needs to be done, but not-so-great at actually doing those things.

1. Stay positive – people procrastinate the most when they’re in a crummy mood. When you’re happy, your productivity improves and you can become more successful. Even the military trains its recruits to be optimistic. How do you tap into your good side, though? Take note of the progress you’re making, even when your goal still feels far away. Celebrate how far you’ve come. Even when something has been ridden with negative events and failures, the progress alone will help you to keep happily pushing on.

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Why You Shouldn’t Use High Street Recruitment Agencies For That Specialised Role

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Specialist contract recruitment can be tricky. When you have a particular job in mind with its own unique skill set, chances are you’ll have to look further and wider than usual in identifying a suitable talent pool. For many recruiting functions, high-street recruitment agencies can be useful in helping provided flexible labour at relatively short notice. But for more specialised positions, it’s often best that you steer clear of regular recruitment agencies if you want to find the right talent for your role.

Recruitment agencies specialise in providing general labour. If you’re running a factory, or a haulage company, or if you’re looking to fill an admin role, this can be an easy way of finding the people you need quickly, without the hassle and risk of a regular recruitment process. But if you are looking for someone with niche skills and experience, you are unlikely to find them on a recruitment agency’s books.

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Things to Know Before Owning Your Own Franchise

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Owning a franchise seems like a dream come true; it’s the first step to owning your own business and it comes with an increased degree of security, a business model that works, and a recognised brand name. However, becoming a franchise owner is not a model that works for everyone. Here are seven things you should know before purchasing a franchise.

Know the Risk

Most importantly, you must know the risk you are taking when purchasing a franchise, be it financial or otherwise. You must know the gamble, be aware of the consequences should it be unsuccessful, and be prepared to handle the risk in tricky situations.

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Why you should be working with a healthcare staffing agency

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For a healthcare company, the importance of hiring the best candidates for a role cannot be overemphasised. The staff in any healthcare establishment cannot be compromised on, as the stakes are high, but, unfortunately, health care professionals, such as nurses, are hard to come by these days. This is why the best employers work with healthcare staffing agencies in a bid to screen and hire as best they can. In this piece, we will take a look at why you should work with a healthcare staffing agency.

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The Importance Of Quality Education

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What does education mean to you? How is it different from your demand for academic quality? The ideas circulating about education and the academe have a very thin line of difference. These differences depend of several factors including the context, role and perspectives these two ideas play in the survival and success of one’s career. Perhaps the most important aspect that ties education and the academe together is the most difficult to judge – quality. Whenever people speak of quality, what exactly do they have in mind?

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