3 Ways to Deal with Noise Pollution in the Workplace

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Excessive noise over a long period of time will damage your hearing. Noise above 85 decibels (about the level of noise generated by particularly heavy traffic) is considered harmful if exposed to for a long period of time. Such damage is gradual, but permanent. You may not even notice it at first but when you do, you’ll have to live with it for the rest of your life. Those who work on construction sites and areas where loud tools are used are most obviously at risk but noise pollution can easily occur in offices or even retail environments too. Here are few ways you can properly deal with noise pollution in the workplace.

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3 Ways for Managers to Improve Their Work Environment

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The quality of a given working environment depends on any number of variables – whether the work is interesting and stable, whether there is a reasonable amount of recognition or reward for good performance and, of course, the level of management on offer. It’s the manager’s job to create a working environment that not only allows themselves to flourish. but also nurtures staff talent and allows them to operate at their full potential. Here are three ways you can do just that.

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5 Ways Public Policy Has Shaped The Judicial System

The judicial system has evolved over the years as you can see in this infographic.

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5 Tips for Dealing with the ‘Office Slob’ at Your Workplace

The office slob. The girl with the messy desk. The guy whose desk is littered with takeaway coffee cups. The old timer who hasn’t updated his corporate wardrobe since ‘79. We’ve all worked with people like this, and without a doubt, they can really drag the tone of the office down. So how do you deal with the office slob? Check out these tips for cleaning up your workplace today.

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Check the boiler room

When you think of a boiler room, you might think of an intense group of salesmen. But your building may have a real boiler room, and it’s critical to have it inspected regularly to avoid dangerous situations. Maintenance is key, and that is particularly true if you own the building for your workplace. Even if you’re renting, you should make sure your landlord is vigilant in order to protect the safety of your workers.

Check out the infographic below for handy checklists and ideas for boiler room maintenance, and then follow up to make sure to follow up.

Boiler Room Dangers and Safety (Infographic)
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