Get Exciting Opportunities with a Canadian Visa


A Canadian Visa opens up a life full of opportunities. A great career, an exciting work-life balance, serene living surroundings and a chance to grow and prosper await you at Canada.

Why you should apply for a Canadian Visa?

Look at some recent studies and you will need no further reason to live in Canada. The World Happiness Report 2018 finds Canada in the 7th spot in its ‘Happiest Countries List’. The Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2017 puts Canada in the top position. The U.S. News and Report’s Best Country list has Canada in the second position.

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Improve your memory


When you consider tools you can acquire to improve your career, the ability to process and retain information should be one of your priorities. Remembering details such as names can be critical in business, along with remembering important information about processes, products, markets etc. as you perform various jobs and tasks.

But many of us struggle with this, particularly the simpler stuff such as names. We’re overloaded with information in the modern world, and we make things even harder on ourselves with constant distractions with our phones and countless media sources.

If you’d like to understand how to improve your memory, consider listening to this podcast where Jordan Harbinger interviews memory expert Jason Kwik. This podcast offers some great background on the importance of memory and the concept that all of us have the capacity to dramatically improve our memory. You’ll learn the importance of paying attention along with tactics to help you with that process.

As Jim Quik stresses, knowledge is power, but learning is a super power. If you’re devoted to lifelong learning, your chances for career success with grow exponentially. Also, if you learn techniques to better process and retain information, that process of lifelong learning will become even more effective.


Learning to deal with and overcome failure


Few paths to success are uninterrupted by challenges or failures along with way. In many cases, if you’re not experiencing some failures along the way, you’re really not trying that hard.

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Senior Living Solutions Driving Job Opportunities


With the aging population, there will be tons of job opportunities in fields that involve caring for seniors. Also, with home care options exploding, there will be more need for home health care workers, even if technology addresses many of the challenges.

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Preparing your resume to pass AI screening


One common complaint regarding the job search process involves how many responses candidates receive after submitting resumes. This article about the role of AI and robots in the screening process helps explain that problem.

It’s so much easier these days to submit resumes electronically, so employers need to find efficient ways to screen to the large number of resumes submitted for posted jobs. In most cases, your resume will never be seen by someone responsible for filling a position, as most resumes will be screened out by the AI algorithm in order to funnel the best candidates and save time regarding human review.

With that in mind, the article linked above lists a number of tips to help you make your resume more likely to pass these AI screening. It’s definitely worth a read.


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