Most Rewarding Careers of 2014

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Are you looking for a career change? Sick and tired of the same old office job? Maybe it’s time for you to re-explore the job market and find a more rewarding and satisfying career. Whether it be working with your hands, other people or doing something creative, there is something out there for everyone. Read on for some of the most rewarding careers in 2014.

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Three courses and careers for the travel addicted


We live in the age of the gap year, with a huge number of students having spent a good chunk of time on the road before settling down for fresher’s week. While travelling can prepare you for independent life in a variety of ways, its one drawback is that it’s mightily addictive.

The good news for those who’ve picked up the travel bug is that the wandering needn’t stop at the end of your gap year. Here, we take a look at a number of courses and career paths that can set you up for a lifetime of travel.

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Make Money as a Medical Office Administrator

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Do you want more freedom and control over your future? With many different types of career paths, you’ll find that you have limited options for the future. Some careers will actually decline in the coming years, which means that the skills you develop will do little for you in the future. Most medical careers will grow at a fast rate and give you more hope. With office administration career programs, you’ll learn that skills that will help you run doctors’ offices, medical clinics, hospitals, medical departments and dozens of other medical facilities.

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Unemployment rate falls under 6%

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In more good news for the job market, the unemployment rate has fallen to 5.9% as job growth exceeded expectations. For all the gloom and doom out there, this is further evidence that the recovery from economic collapse that started under President Obama is real. Of course it’s spurred in part by very aggressive action by the Fed, and there are some risks associated with that strategy. But letting the economy collapse in 2008/2009 as many suggested would have led to economic catastrophe. Instead we have a fighting chance to slowly and steadily right the wrongs from the economic crisis.

If you’re looking for a job, now is the time to get even more aggressive.

Major Money: 5 College Degrees That Can Make You Rich

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With a college degree in hand, you’re rich in mind, but it doesn’t guarantee you’ll have a lot of dollars stacked in the bank. For a young person attending university, it’s smart to seek college degrees that can make you rich upon graduation.

Petroleum Engineer

The mean salary for petroleum engineers is $130,000. Engineers find ways to extract gases and oil from underneath Earth’s surface. Generally spending days in an office or laboratory, engineers also spend long hours at drilling sites.

With a bachelor’s degree in engineering, workers may also have a past in mechanical or chemical engineering. Employment for engineers is expected to surpass the average job growth; employment is projected to grow 26% from 2012 to 2022.

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