Uber adds new app features to appease its drivers

Uber drivers have been frustrated for a while by some of the limitations in the app that made their lives and working conditions more difficult. Many also hate the price cuts that have eaten into their compensation.

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Want to become a personal trainer?

If you’re thinking about a career as a personal trainer, or even doing this on the side to earn more income, check out the video about for some tips on how to be successful.

Warren Buffett’s rules of success

Warren Buffett is a brilliant man and he’s been incredibly successful. Part of his success are his devotion to simple principles and his discipline in sticking with them.

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Adopt These 3 Habits for Financial Success


Your personal financial circumstances are not necessarily the same as your neighbor’s, but you might be surprised how much we all share concerning money matters. After all, when it is all boiled down, our common goal is balancing resources, so incoming cash flow is adequate to cover spending.

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Should you avoid angel investing?

The lure of angel is investing is very strong for successful business people looking to leverage their knowledge, judgement and wealth to generate even more successes. That’s a great thing, as we’ve seen a staggering amount of innovation driven over the past generation with venture capital funding and early stage investments.

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