Warren Buffett’s rules of success

Warren Buffett is a brilliant man and he’s been incredibly successful. Part of his success are his devotion to simple principles and his discipline in sticking with them.

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Adopt These 3 Habits for Financial Success


Your personal financial circumstances are not necessarily the same as your neighbor’s, but you might be surprised how much we all share concerning money matters. After all, when it is all boiled down, our common goal is balancing resources, so incoming cash flow is adequate to cover spending.

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Should you avoid angel investing?

The lure of angel is investing is very strong for successful business people looking to leverage their knowledge, judgement and wealth to generate even more successes. That’s a great thing, as we’ve seen a staggering amount of innovation driven over the past generation with venture capital funding and early stage investments.

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Careers to consider


Are you in a job with a low salary with no hope of advancement? Do you feel that your boss does not appreciate everything you do on a daily basis? Do you want to have a job that is more challenging and less boring? You are certainly not alone if you answered yes to any of these questions. The simple fact is that most people are not satisfied with the career path they have chosen. Fortunately, there is no law that says you need to do the same thing forever. You should change your career to something you enjoy more and pays you a salary that you feel that you deserve. Here are some exciting careers for you to consider.

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5 must knows for any tradesman

welder sparks flying

Tradesmen tend to acquire most of their customer base through word-of-mouth and recommendations, but is that the only way to market yourself and be successful?

The world of marketing can sometimes seem confusing, but there are plenty of ways for tradesmen to promote themselves and their services in order to draw in new customers and keep the work coming in. Here are 5 must-know tips for any tradesman looking to boost their business.

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