Sales advice from Daymond John

Here’s some great advice from noted shark Daymond John explaining his three principles for selling. Every entrepreneur and salesperson should watch this.


Robots and Artificial Intelligence taking jobs

There’s been a lot of talk of the U.S. losing jobs to other countries through bad trade deals, and anger over this issue has helped give Donald Trump the Presidency.

Yet reality is much more complicated, as automation, robots and now artificial intelligence are also a huge factor, and these trends will help destroy even more jobs in the years to come.

Some of this is obvious. Just think about all of the robots and automation that have reduced the number of workers needed in manufacturing. We all want high wages for workers, but higher wages give companies even more motivation to automate more of the manufacturing process. As robots get smarter and more sophisticated, this trend will only accelerate.

Then consider artificial intelligence and the potential to make lawyers and accountants so much more efficient, which then reduces the need for more lawyers and accountants.

This trend will only accelerate, which raises tough issues for our leaders, particularly those who offer simplistic solutions to difficult problems.


Companies that Hire Veterans


Once our men and women return from their tour of duty, there is a period of limbo. Becoming a civilian can sometimes be a hard task for many of our soldiers. Simple task like grocery shopping and even finding a job can be over whelming and foreign. There are many companies out there that are trying to help get soldier back into their civilian lifestyle.

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Verbs for your resume

resume and glasses

As you write your resume, it’s easy to use common phrases and verbs like “led” and “increased” as you describe some of your accomplishments.

This article from Time has some great suggestions of other verbs you can use in place of more commonly used verbs and phrases.


Beating Procrastination

Of all the bad habits that can hurt your career progression, procrastination has to be near or at the top of the list. We’re all guilty of it in both our personal and professional lives, but those who can manage or even overcome these impulses will have a huge advantage. Sometimes the less talented employee will rise faster because they don’t let important tasks go unaddressed.

There are many approaches to managing these impulses. One of my favorites is to make a list of only one or two things each evening that you want to complete the next day. Then attack them first thing with the goal of finishing them by 10 am. By doing that you’ll be far more productive and will feel good all day as you approach other tasks. All guilt will be gone!

The video above offers some helpful tips tied to how our brain works. Things like automating things that you don’t like doing can be a huge help. And then use incentives and costs for good and bad behavior. Check it out!


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