How To Hire The Right Person For The Job

tough job interview questions

The unthinkable has happened – a great employee has tendered their resignation as they leave in search of greener pastures. Not do you have to go through losing someone with experience and great work ethic, but you are now faced with the daunting task of replacing them. Not sure where to start? Below are some suggestions for tackling the exhausting recruitment process without losing your sanity.

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Get The Best Deal On Business Insurance With These 5 Tips


With the right business insurance, you can rest assured your workplace, livelihood and employees are protected no matter what the circumstances. It’s one of your greatest responsibilities as a business owner, so here are five tips on getting the best deal on business insurance.

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Top 3 Tips for Great Salon Management


Running a salon is a very hands-on kind of job, so listening to your customers is very important. When it comes to matter of beauty like hair and nails, most people prefer to find a salon that they like and stick with it. It’s a similar relationship to one you might have with a doctor or a dentist; there’s a lot of trust involved, and so it’s important that your clients are happy with your services in order to retain your customer base and sustain an excellent reputation.

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Top 3 Reasons Relationships are Important for Business Growth


The old saying ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know’ is certainly a little simplistic, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t ring true in the world of business, where forging relationships with the right people is hugely important indeed. Whether with customers, business partners or even local authorities, being successful means maintaining those good relationships – let’s take a look at three reasons how doing this will help you grow your business.

Ensuring Customer Loyalty

It’s very simple really, if you maintain a strong positive relationship with your customers, then they’ll be loyal to you and your business, which is a major asset to have. Reliable income or profit each and every month is a lot more valuable than peaks and troughs of success, and will really help your business grow. You can’t take that next step and expand without knowing that you’ve got a good base to build on, but having a strong and loyal following will give you this. Never lose those valuable brand loyalists as they’re often what keeps the best companies going strong.

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Instilling Safety into Your Business Mindset


There’s a reason that health and safety are high on the list of priorities for HR departments in all businesses. They’re of critical importance to the success and viability of any company. Indeed, no organisation is immune to the potential impacts of negligence towards them, which is why you must make sure that safety is paramount.

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