Robots and Artificial Intelligence taking jobs

There’s been a lot of talk of the U.S. losing jobs to other countries through bad trade deals, and anger over this issue has helped give Donald Trump the Presidency.

Yet reality is much more complicated, as automation, robots and now artificial intelligence are also a huge factor, and these trends will help destroy even more jobs in the years to come.

Some of this is obvious. Just think about all of the robots and automation that have reduced the number of workers needed in manufacturing. We all want high wages for workers, but higher wages give companies even more motivation to automate more of the manufacturing process. As robots get smarter and more sophisticated, this trend will only accelerate.

Then consider artificial intelligence and the potential to make lawyers and accountants so much more efficient, which then reduces the need for more lawyers and accountants.

This trend will only accelerate, which raises tough issues for our leaders, particularly those who offer simplistic solutions to difficult problems.


Should you avoid angel investing?

The lure of angel is investing is very strong for successful business people looking to leverage their knowledge, judgement and wealth to generate even more successes. That’s a great thing, as we’ve seen a staggering amount of innovation driven over the past generation with venture capital funding and early stage investments.

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How To Hire The Right Person For The Job

tough job interview questions

The unthinkable has happened – a great employee has tendered their resignation as they leave in search of greener pastures. Not do you have to go through losing someone with experience and great work ethic, but you are now faced with the daunting task of replacing them. Not sure where to start? Below are some suggestions for tackling the exhausting recruitment process without losing your sanity.

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Top 3 Tips for Great Salon Management


Running a salon is a very hands-on kind of job, so listening to your customers is very important. When it comes to matter of beauty like hair and nails, most people prefer to find a salon that they like and stick with it. It’s a similar relationship to one you might have with a doctor or a dentist; there’s a lot of trust involved, and so it’s important that your clients are happy with your services in order to retain your customer base and sustain an excellent reputation.

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