5 Things to Consider Before Pursuing a Business Idea


Pursuing a business idea is a minefield of important considerations, many of which can make the difference between success and failure. Because the stakes are so high, it’s crucial for all aspiring business owners to complete the necessary checks and balances before launching their business; doing so will also help save your sanity and potentially your bank account. Here are five important things to assess to ensure a business concept is the right one from the beginning.

1. Is There a Market?

It might appear to be the best idea in the world, but if there’s not a market for it, or if the product or service is not priced correctly, all efforts will be in vain. Always think like a customer who has no reason to choose your business unless it offers them some benefit. What separates your business from your competitors? Always conduct the appropriate market research before deciding on a business concept. It might mean you have to go back to the drawing board or make revisions, but it’s better to do this now rather than later.

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5 Unusual Business Ideas for the Aspiring Entrepreneur


Millions of small businesses open their doors around the world every year. If you have an business idea and you want set yourself apart from the herd and really succeed, you had best be coming loaded with the world’s most unique value proposition, some extremely diverse revenue streams and a truckload of creativity. Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

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5 Ways VoIP Can Benefit Small Businesses

secretary answering the phone

VoIP (or Voice over Internet Protocol) has been around a fair while. But now, as the internet is getting faster and more reliable, this technology is really proving itself to be invaluable… especially for small businesses. By removing the need for a traditional phone line and instead making phone calls via the internet, there are a range of benefits you will experience in your business. Plus, you don’t have to personally be a techno whiz to set it all up because managed IT support companies like Keyspace exist that both sell the systems and provide IT support for you. Read on to discover five ways in which VoIP will benefit your small business.

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Tips To Consider When Finding a Joint Venture Partner

handshake in business

Joint venture partnerships undoubtedly carry a significant level of risk, but they can also be an effective way to rapidly expand and diversify your portfolio. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with the risks that joint venture partnerships bring and tips to follow when considering entering into such an arrangement.

Why the Reluctance?

Particularly with joint venture partnerships based on business ownership and property transactions, investors are often reticent to get involved. This stands to reason – many of us have been exposed to dreadful stories of partnerships going awry, ending badly and resulting in significant financial loss.

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Unemployment rate falls under 6%

opportunity just ahead

In more good news for the job market, the unemployment rate has fallen to 5.9% as job growth exceeded expectations. For all the gloom and doom out there, this is further evidence that the recovery from economic collapse that started under President Obama is real. Of course it’s spurred in part by very aggressive action by the Fed, and there are some risks associated with that strategy. But letting the economy collapse in 2008/2009 as many suggested would have led to economic catastrophe. Instead we have a fighting chance to slowly and steadily right the wrongs from the economic crisis.

If you’re looking for a job, now is the time to get even more aggressive.

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