Beyond “To Do Lists” – Productivity Tips

woman worker

We all struggle with ways to become more productive. For example, some of us to well with to do lists, while others don’t get much from them. Naturally this depends a great deal on your own personality, your work situation and the type of work.

That said, it’s always great to hear other ideas and see what might work well for you and your situation.

This article provides examples of 6 tools that other than to-do lists that can be helpful for productivity. Check them out, but several stand out:

One involves distinguishing between low attention tasks and high attentions tasks. For example, some things like clearing out email are high attention tasks. When you have some energy with laser focus, you can knock many of these off your list. Then you can budget time for those tasks that require real concentration.

You can also benefit from scheduling s “power hour” each day. This should be a time when you can turn off distractions and get through some work that requires concentration without interruption. I’m thinking of ways to add this to my schedule, though I try to do this first thing in the morning.

Give these a try!


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