Senior Living Solutions Driving Job Opportunities


With the aging population, there will be tons of job opportunities in fields that involve caring for seniors. Also, with home care options exploding, there will be more need for home health care workers, even if technology addresses many of the challenges.

Senior living platform facilitates easy communication to all the connected members of the community. InTouchLink senior living software has been built from the ground up to service retirement homes, assisted living facilities and long-term care/skilled nursing facilities. It keeps residents up-to-date on community news and ensure they’re engaged and enjoying their lives.

It’s a great way to help them feel like they’re a part of the community. The LiveCam feature allows everyone, even room-bound residents, to participate in activities and provides an easy way for staff to make general announcements and share pictures, videos and more. The software system enlists down options which are displayed on large TV screens from anywhere in the community. The dining room options, the pictures from an event organized in the community or anything which requires immediate addressable. There are varied options on this multi dimensional digital platform. There is aFeedback portal to share feedback on any service or operational related request. Adding to it is the Contact US option which enlists down all the relevant contact details of the corned staff members, maintenancein charge and supervisor etc. There is also aService Request System which prioritizes the concerns of the user and quickly directs it to the corned person in the department for quick addressal.

All of these features ensures residents comfort and easy redressal of different issues, concerns and sharing of vital information within the community. The enhanced user experience of the software makes it popular amongst the community, thereby motivating multiple users to adapt it as a way of life. There is always initial hesitation pertaining to the high tech nature of the software or it features. This application is very easy to use.The senior living solutions provided by the InTouchLink software have paved way for effective communication within the community.

Benefits of the Software

There is a positive outlook and healthy cycle of growthwhich makes the connected members fuller and happier. The secret to happy living is to stay connected and not secluded from it. The senior in the community feel happy when they interact with their family members and have an easy engaging schedule by being informed of the happenings around the community. The software offers an all inclusive platform to facilitate three things at large. First being,Improvizing the operations. This changes all from tedious manual work to system automated quick and hassle free work. All information displays, sharing of information pertaining to events, all is put on this system which is in a continual mode of updating. For example, if any event or meeting is cancelled due to any factor, it gets updated quickly and shared with all residents. Second, is engaging the residents by offering range of movies entertainment and gaming option. Third, by facilitating these two factors, this digital software ensures to make the community very popular and increase its occupancy level.


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