Tips for Updating Your Workplace Kitchen on a Budget


Has your workplace kitchen become tired, worn and dated? No doubt you have an endless wish list on ways to update your kitchen, but more than likely your company budget won’t quite stretch as far as your imagination. Rest assured there are many ways to revitalize your space without spending a fortune. You don’t need an enormous budget or the services of an expensive kitchen designer to make a huge transformation in your space to make life better for your employees. Follow these simple recommendations from designers to give your kitchen a face lift on a limited budget.

Changing the footprint of your kitchen and installing new appliances, flooring and lighting can add up to thousands and thousands of dollars. On the other hand, several gallons of paint and a little ingenuity and you can update your kitchen on a limited budget. Start by assessing your cabinetry. If the doors are worn and dated and the hardware is showing its age, this can be a dimple fix. Remove the cabinet doors, sand and paint them with an oil based white paint. Be sure to use a primer-sander combination paint prior to applying your finishing color. While the cabinets are off, paint the framing the same color as the doors. Allow freshly painted cabinetry to dry for at least two days prior to reinstalling doors. Select new hardware to give the cabinet doors an updated look. The replacement hardware should be the same size as the original hardware to avoid drilling new holes.

Depending on the size of your budget, select new countertop material and a simple backsplash. While you can accomplish the removal of the existing backsplash tile and countertop, most likely you will need the services of a professional contractor to measure, cut and install the new countertop and backsplash. If your appliances are in good working order but the colors are outdated, there is a tremendous selection of specialty paints available suitable for appliances. Carefully follow manufacturer’s instructions when applying appliance paint. Flooring can also be a major expense in any kitchen. Depending on the flooring in the adjoining spaces, consider the options for re-glazing worn tile or painting hardwood floors with a specialty flooring paint.

Finally, take advantage of the awesome deals available from Groupon coupons and select new accessories for your kitchen from the huge variety available from Balsam Hill. Shine the windows to allow maximum natural lighting in the space. Task lighting and overhead lighting is a key element of a well-designed and well-functioning kitchen. Replace dated ceiling fixtures and install under-cabinet lighting for maximum function and design. Select soft white bulbs for the ceiling lighting and LED lighting systems for under-counter task lighting.

Congratulations on having successfully updated your workplace kitchen without completely busting your budget. You and your team will be able to enjoy this new space for many years to come.


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