Becoming a Doctor: Do You Have What It Takes?


Certain personality traits are not only essential to be a good doctor, but are also a good precursor of who will be able to succeed at their medical studies. While the prestige associated with being a doctor might be one of main reasons people choose the profession, without the proper skillset and personality, you are doomed to fail. In this article, we’re going to explore some of the most important personality traits every doctor should have.


Being compassionate is one of the most important traits every aspiring doctor should have. However, compassion should not be mistaken with being oversensitive, as you may have to make difficult decisions and announce difficult diagnosis as part of your work. Doctors have to deal with patients and families when they’re at their most vulnerable, and might even have to work as a counselor of sorts. So, if you lack basic compassion, the medical field might not be for you.

A good doctor should also be able to show empathy for their patients. As a matter of fact, it has been stated that patients who felt their doctor had a genuine connection to them and showed genuine care for them experienced less pain.


Patience is also a very important trait any medical professional should have. Depending on the setting, you might have to work long shifts, deal with overcrowded emergency rooms, unstable patients, etc. If you’re a pediatrician for instance, you may have to deal with unruly children and overbearing parents. You might also have to give special attention to some patients or alleviate their fear of certain treatments.

Emotionally Stable

Emotional stability is another important aspect that is essential for any doctor. A hospital environment can be very stressful, and many doctors end up burning out because they underestimated the amount of stress they might have to endure. If you are not emotionally stable, you won’t be able to keep your composure during emergency situations or cope with being exposed to human suffering day in day out.

Good Communication Skills

Last but, but not least, it is capital for any doctor to have solid communication skills before they even consider the profession. A large part of your daily work will involve you communicating with parents, patients and other professionals. You’ll need to be able to direct members of your team and convey your message clearly. Doctors also need to be able to demystify treatments to their patients and clearly break down diagnoses. Vulgarization skills are a must if you’re going to be a doctor, and if you cannot simplify complicated concepts to your patients, you’ll have a lot of difficulty succeeding in the profession.


So, before you even decide to submit your OMSAS application, make sure that you have the traits needed to succeed. While the medical school application process is essential, unless you have sufficient patience and emotional stability, good communication skills and compassion, you don’t stand a chance of surviving in this business.


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