3 Ways To Increase Your Productivity At Work


Are you seeking a promotion? Or do you just want to finish on time for a change? Increasing your productivity is a great life and work goal. It’s good for business, it means more free time during your day (or more time for extra projects), and the sense of achievement in completing a task is hard to beat. Below are some sure-fire ways of getting the most from your work day.

Turn up prepared

This is about more than having a healthy lunch packed (which is super important!). This is about being ready to work, physically and mentally. Getting a good sleep is key to showing up ready to work through the day, so make sure you’re getting enough good-quality rest. Invest in some comfortable, breathable bedding like the natural wool products from MiniJumbuk, and make sure you aren’t jeopardizing your sleep quality by staring at screens right before you go to bed. You should also make sure you get enough physical activity throughout the week, as this will help you sleep better, and will energize you throughout the day. All great preparation for helping your productivity.

Become a list-maker

Lists are one of the single greatest things you can use while focusing on efficiency. Pair it with a calendar and you will immediately be more organised, see deadlines as they approach, and plan ahead. You may even find that segmenting lists is a better option; for example, you may have a daily tasks list, a projects list, a list of tasks for when you have a spare 30 minutes, and the lists go on! But just by writing down these tasks, you are helping your brain to focus and prioritize. Don’t overwhelm yourself when you get started, and find a system and process that is easy to follow.

Leave work at work

One of the greatest tricks for increasing your productivity at work is to keep your work for when you’re on the job. Too many people think bringing projects home to work on at night or on days off will help get the job finished sooner, but you actually just risk burning yourself out. Allow yourself to clock off and relax at home. In doing so, you’ll feel more energised and less overwhelmed with your work, and you’ll be able to smash out your tasks when you’re back in the office.

These are a few simple suggestions for getting the most out of the day. Have a different trick? Feel free to share it in the comments below.


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