Top 3 Tips for Great Salon Management


Running a salon is a very hands-on kind of job, so listening to your customers is very important. When it comes to matter of beauty like hair and nails, most people prefer to find a salon that they like and stick with it. It’s a similar relationship to one you might have with a doctor or a dentist; there’s a lot of trust involved, and so it’s important that your clients are happy with your services in order to retain your customer base and sustain an excellent reputation.

So, what exactly is it that customers want out of their salon experience? Here are the top three things that your clients are looking for when they come to you for a haircut?

1. Smooth Booking and Appointment Processes

A big part of running a successful salon is good time-keeping. You have to make sure that you can fit in a decent amount of appointments every day with minimal delays. This can sometimes be tricky to figure out, but we really can’t stress how important it is that you are able to book appointments easily.

If you’re running a business like this then you can use specialist salon software that allows you to automate your booking service. This allows you to simply enter bookings and assign them to your stylists, along with adjustments for time depending on the job that needs doing.

2. Personable Customer Service

When people go for a haircut they want a little bit of luxury; after all, they’re the ones being pampered! Making sure that your customers have a personable and pleasant experience every time they come to you.
Most salons make it a standard practice to provide their customers with hot drinks while they’re waiting, and it’s the little touches like this that can make all the difference to your clients. Make sure that they’re comfortable and relaxed, offer them a tea or coffee and make sure that they have plenty of magazines within reach.
People remember good service, especially in salons, so make sure your clients feel really special.

3. Reward New Customers and Reward Loyalty

Business should always try to encourage an increase in its client base, but it’s also important to keep your existing customers happy.

If you have regular clients, then showing them some appreciation with a loyalty scheme can be a great way to keep them happy and bring them back to you for their next haircut or beauty treatment.
It’s also a good idea to offer discounts and rewards for new customers in order to encourage them to make repeat business. Naturally, offering rewards to new customers leads to increased customer loyalty as well as giving your salon’s reputation a boost. People love a bargain, and customer rewards are an excellent way to show your clients that you’re thankful for their service.


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