Make More Money Playing Poker Online

Poker is a fun game because it is based on strategy with an element of luck. However, there is a whole different dynamic to the game when you play it online instead of at a casino in person. Some people even think the chances of winning poker online are better than in person. You do have to have a different kind of skill, though. Take a look at how playing poker online is different than playing in person, and what you can do to improve your chances of winning.

Looking for Tells

When you play poker against people at a casino, you get to see them physically. So, you can look for your opponents’ bluffs by watching their body language. When you play poker online, you don’t get to see your opponents. However, there are still plenty of ways to tell when your opponents are bluffing. For instance, you can look for changes in your opponents’ behavior, like in the amount of time it takes them to place a bid, if they bid an amount that is out of the normal range of their bids, or if their chat behavior changes. When you play poker online you have to notice how your opponents play and make note of any changes — that’s how you make a lot of money as a poker player.

Placing Bids

When you’re playing poker for money, such as on sites like, you have to keep track of the money you have on the table. This is a little more difficult to do online because you don’t have physical chips in front of you to remind you how well you’re doing. There is just a money number on your screen. Plus, it’s easier to get wrapped up in the amount of money you can bid when you have easy access to your bank account to get more money at anytime. Be wise with your money and don’t place bids that you wouldn’t do in a live casino.

Knowing When to Fold

Poker hands tend to go faster when you’re playing online, so it’s easy to be tempted to play every hand. You have to be careful, though, because if you don’t have a good hand, you might be setting yourself up to lose money. The rules are the same when you’re playing in a casino as they are when you’re playing online, but you can’t let the speed of the game throw you off so you play poker hands you shouldn’t.

It is definitely a different experience playing poker online, but the strategy is very similar. Be careful with your money, be wise about the hands you choose to play, and be on the lookout for your opponents’ tells. You’ll make more money that way and have fun doing it.


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