Casino workers count on tips

It used to be that you had to go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City to start a career as a poker or blackjack dealer, or to get other good casino jobs. But all of that has been changing for years as more and more states legalize casino gambling. While the patrons at all these new casinos learn the poker rules and rules for other casino games, they don’t always understand casino etiquette.

Most people understand the idea of tipping waitresses, so that’s not new in a casino setting. But unless you’ve been to places like Las Vegas, you might not understand that dealers also count on tips. So often the ideas of casino etiquette and tipping are not obvious to people frequenting these new gambling spots. For example, Cleveland recently added a casino, and the Cleveland paper then published an article about tipping workers in the casino.

Now, if you’re going to work as a dealer in a casino, you need to do your part. You don’t always have to be charming, and that’s difficult when you’re tired, but being generally nice to the customers will go a long way towards generating more tips. This may sound like common sense, but even in Vegas you’ll be shocked by how many dealers don’t seem to care. Of course dealers share tips, but it’s always good to carry your own weight. So be nice.


Some regulations on for-profit-colleges struck down

It was a pretty technical decision, but a court has struck down some of the regulations put in place by the Obama administration to regulation the for-profit-college industry. This is problematic as many of these colleges are loading up students with a ton of debt, while their degrees don’t get them a job. We’ve also seen some pretty shady practices in recruiting students to these schools. Unfortunately, there are far too many for-profit college scams out there.

This unfortunately tarnishes those colleges that provide good training for students. Hopefully the media attention will make students more selective, but the problem is that these schools are playing with our money, as the taxpayers help fund these student loans. We need more accountability and the court just made it more difficult.


Cool jobs for teenagers

With the summer season upon us, many teens are getting jobs to fill their time, but plenty of teenagers like to work during the school year as well. Here’s a list of some good jobs for teens to help them earn extra cash and gain basic work skills.

Fast Food

Jobs in fast food restaurants are often available for teenagers. In fact, what would places like McDonalds and In-N-Out Burger do without teens. Workers get training and there are very clear policies and work rules, which offers good experience for future years in the workforce. The downside is that the hours can be very difficult, including late nights on weekends.

Waiters and Waitresses

These jobs can be harder to get for teens, as older teens and college kids often get these jobs. That said, these jobs are out there and it’s worth trying as the work environment can be better than fast food. You’ll learn skills on how to deal with people and manage problems.

Dishwashers and bussing tables

There’s nothing glamorous about these jobs. They basically require very hard work and tough hours. Yet this is often the first step to server jobs as a kid gets older. if you work hard and show that you are dependable, you’ll be able to get better jobs in the restaurant.

Grocery Stores

Jobs for kids bagging groceries are not as common as they used to be, but they are still out there.

Mowing lawns

Lawn care has become more professional over the years, but teens can still make a buck and learn some entrepreneurial skills by finding and servicing clients who need help with their lawn care. It also doesn’t hurt to learn more specialized skills for landscaping, and looking for a job with a landscaping company can be a great idea for lots of teens.

Paper route

Does anyone get the daily newspaper any more? Sure they do, though I suspect this isn’t as lucrative as years ago.


If you’re a smart kid who is good at explaining things, think about tutoring younger kids. This kind of work can earn a nice hourly wage if you’re good at it.

Fixing things

In today’s world, teens often know more than adults about computers and electronics. You can advertise your services online and help people fix their computers and hook up their electronics.


This is always a great option for teens, and some of them earn big bucks doing this.

Car wash

This is the ultimate work for summer. Like lawn care, there are many people who don’t want to spend time washing their cars, but they don’t want to use a car wash. Of course this presents an opportunity.

Sell stuff online

If you can figure this out, why work for someone else?


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