4 Mobile Apps That Can Land You a Job

Hunting for a new job can be physically, emotionally, and mentally draining. There are the countless resumes you need to send out, and hundreds of interviews you need to take part in, and there is no guarantee that you’ll even land a job when it is all over.

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Before you are ready to throw your hands in the air and call it quits, what if there was a way to simplify the job hunting experience? Many job hunters are finding that with a few carefully chosen mobile app downloads they can simplify the job hunting experience, and improve their chances of landing a job.

The following is a look at some of the best mobile apps that can help land you a job. Each mobile app is available for download on free phones, smartphones, Android phones, and iPhones.

Pocket Resume

One of the most mind-numbing tasks when it comes to applying for a job is having to send out the old job resume. The Pocket Resume mobile app gives you the tools to create an easy-to-read resume that can be instantly sent to any hiring manager with an email address. Imagine not only the time you’ll save, but the good impression you’ll make on employers by presenting an easy-to-read complete resume for a job opening.

Business Card Reader

“Here’s my card, give me a call and we’ll talk”, is a common phrase heard by individuals looking for a job. The Business Card Reader app will give you the tools you need to scan, download, and hold all the information from a business card in the palm of your hand. Just snap a photo of the business card and all the information such as addresses, phone numbers, and websites is instantly uploaded to your phone for future use. No longer will you have to spend hours searching for that long lost business card, because it is all right in your smartphone.


Keep your own, personal business card handy with the SnapDat mobile app. This mobile app allows you to create and send personal business cards. The only catch is that these business cards are digital. Take just a few moments to upload your own information, create a business card, and send it off. Who knows the next person you send it to just might be your future boss.


Constantly checking the job listings page on popular company websites can be a tedious task. Download the LinkUp mobile app and allow your smartphone to do the work for you. This mobile app automatically checks over 22,000 company websites and creates a list of job listings that you can apply for. Imagine having a list of 100 new jobs just waiting for you to apply to in the morning. That is exactly what happens with the LinkUp mobile app.

Finding a job in this difficult and highly competitive job market can be tough. Use some of these mobile apps, and you’ll be able to improve your chances of landing a job.


Are you using social business tools?

The image above isn’t practical for all businesses. For small, virtual businesses to larger corporations, getting workers around a table to solve problems or implement new procedures is just not an option. teleconferencing can help, but social business tools can be even more effective.

When Red Robin Gourmet Burgers introduced its new Tavern Double burger line last month, the company had to get everything right. So it turned to social media.

The 460-restaurant chain used an internal social network that resembles Facebook to teach its managers everything from the recipes to the best, fastest way to make them. Instead of mailing out spiral-bound books, getting feedback during executives’ sporadic store visits and taking six months to act on advice from the trenches, the network’s freewheeling discussion and video produced results in days. Red Robin is already kitchen-testing recipe tweaks based on customer feedback — and the four new sandwiches just hit the table April 30.

Facebook’s initial public offering Friday — the largest by a technology company — is a watershed moment for the consumer side of the Web, but social networking’s real economic impact might be ahead as companies learn how to harness “social business” tools.

These corporate social networks can be an incredible tool for companies of all sizes. Just imagine the impact all of this can have on innovation and productivity in your company? The social media revolution is just getting started and it will impact your career and workplace as much as your personal life. Don’t get left behind.


Dealing with literary agents

If you want to be a writer, there are many different options in today’s world. With the emergence of e-books and numerous self-publishing options, you don’t necessarily need to deal with a literary agent these days.

That said, if you can get published in the traditional way, you should definitely try to do that. That means dealing with literary agents. As you go through that process, you’ll be tempted to do all sorts of things to get them to consider your work. Here are some helpful tips listed in a humorous way that will help you understand what not to do.


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