Fun Careers for the Creatives at Heart

For those who work with the left side of the brain, sitting at a desk and entering data just won’t cut it. If you’re looking for a career that is fun and uses your creativity, here is a list of some great careers that you should consider.

Graphic Artist

The great thing about being a graphic artist is you get to use your skills as an artist and get paid to do it! Graphic artists do everything from creating advertisements to inventing a company’s logo. Many run their own freelance businesses, which adds a lot of flexibility to the job. 

Web Designer

Along the lines of graphic artists, web designers combine the creativity of creating a beautiful web page with the technical aspect of web page coding. If you enjoy computers and art, this might be perfect for you. 


Animation is a huge component of movies, cartoons, and video games because many production companies use computers instead of the traditionally drawn cartoons. Whether you decide to be a movie or video game animator, a career in animation requires a lot of skills in art (especially figure modeling) as well as computers. 

Composer for Video Games

If music is your passion, becoming a composer for video games is a great way to use your music skills. Music in games could be as simple as background music (who could forget the ditty that plays during Super Mario Bros.) or songs that are played in cut scenes. 

Landscape Design

For those who enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, designing landscapes for residential homes and businesses is a great way to use your creative juices. Knowing the climate and what grows best is essential for this line of work, and could also include designing water features such as ponds and waterfalls. 

Music Teachers

If you have a love for music and for children, becoming a music teacher is a great way to combine the two. Students who are involved in the arts are less likely to get into trouble or drop out of school. Help your students gain a love for music and influence their lives for good. 


A career in copywriting is another great way to work for yourself. Copywriters generally write anything needed for advertisements, product descriptions, blog posts, product brochures, and so on. Successful copywriters use creativity to add personality and humor to their writing.

Book Editors

When it comes to publishing, book editors have a lot of influence on the final product from writers. They work with authors to polish books by cutting out extraneous scenes or requesting rewrites. It takes a lot of creativity to know what a successful book needs.

No matter what creative career you decide on, remember that education is important to your success. Whether you get a bachelor’s degree in art or go to a two-year art school, you’ll want to have the experience under your belt before you head out into the world to find a job in your chosen profession.


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