Are you allowed to sleep on the job?

woman napping at work

It seems like a silly question, but you might be surprised by the answer.

Naturally, in many workplaces, sleeping on the job is a serious no-no. But, a growing number of companies are actually encouraging employees to nap at work. The issue is productivity. Rest is very important, and for many employees, a productivity nap can work wonders.

From Thomas Edison and Winston Churchill to Bill Clinton and George Costanza, the nap has had many famous champions. And with good reason. Ever since sleep scientist David Dinges helped found the modern science of napping in the early ’80s at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, short periods of sleep have been shown to improve alertness, memory, motor skills, decision-making, and mood. All while cutting down on stress, carelessness, and even heart disease.

With Americans averaging fewer than seven hours of sleep per night—and around 20 percent suffering from sleepiness during the day, according to a recent Stanford University study—many companies have turned to the humble nap in an attempt to stave off billions in lost productivity each year. Following the rise of workplace perks like lactation rooms, gyms, and child-care facilities, Nike (NKE) workers now have access to nap-friendly “quiet rooms” that can also be used for meditation. Google (GOOG), a forerunner in employee perks, has a number of futuristic napping pods scattered throughout its Mountain View (Calif.) campus.

It’s even becoming a business in itself, as some establishments are offering napping spas that people can visit during the day. One company called MetroNaps offers a contraption called The EnergyPod, which we have to admit looks cool as hell! The key is to find a way to help employees get adequate sleep.

Check out the rest of the article for some napping tips as well. Yes – there are actually helpful tips on how to take a nap! Isn’t the Internet great?


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