About Auto Insurance Rates

You’ve just finished a conversation with a friend and are fuming that your auto insurance is so much higher. While that’s legitimate, more goes into figuring out rates than most people realize. When it comes to determining how to charge a client, insurance companies rely on one denominator to determine price: risk. This isn’t something that an insurance company determines by punching facts into a computer. They calculate risk over time to determine what age groups, types or drivers, and types of vehicles lead to the most accidents. Most insurance companies consider three things when they calculate your risk.

Insurance companies look at age to determine a basis for maturity and driving ability. Adults between 25 and 45 are much less likely to get in an accident than a distracted teen or an elderly driver. Teens are less mature, have less driving experience, and are more easily distracted than people over 25. As people age, they may lose the ability to react in a driving situation. Some people experience deteriorating eye sight.

Another consideration is your driving history. If your record shows violation after violation, an insurance company is going to assume you are more of a risk than a person with a clean driving record. Most violations fall off driving histories after a few years, so wait a couple of years and ask for a policy re-evaluation. In the meantime, if you get another ticket, consult a lawyer about keeping it off your record.

The third factors it the type of vehicle you drive. This affects policy price in two ways. Expensive, opulent cars are the target of auto theft and are more costly to repair. Statistically, drivers with some faster makes and models are more likely to have an accident, creating higher risk. If you want to lower your insurance rate, see what you can do to lower your risk.

Assisted Living Support to the Rescue

Assisted living is a way that senior citizens can maintain their lifestyle with dignity and independence. If you have a parent who is getting older and are worried about them, then it is important to understand the advantages of these services.

In order to understand what kind of support assisted living provides, it may be helpful to look at the example of an elderly woman named Joan. Joan was an independent and self-made woman, proud of raising a family by herself and loved by all her children and grandchildren. One day, however, she fell down and broke her hip at the age of 74. After that, life was no longer the same. She became dependent on others for her day-to-day activities. Her children and grandchildren were with her at the hospital, but they soon had to return to work and school. Joan and her family were at a quandary about what to do.

Thankfully, Joan found a solution that did not involve disrupting the lives of her children and grandchildren. She was able maintain her dignity, self-respect and independence through an assisted living program. Every day, a young woman came to her home and helped her with daily tasks like bathing, housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation and shopping. As soon as Joan recovered from her hip fracture, she was able to do everything that she used to do just as before.

Many seniors find themselves in a situation like this these days, as life expectancy continues to rise and modern science finds more ways to keep people alive and healthy. Whether help is needed temporarily or permanently, one hour a day or 24 hours a day, assisted living programs are an important service that all senior citizens should keep in mind.

Clicking at work

Interpersonal skills are often very important for success at work. Think about this for your own career, and if you’re hiring people.

By aggregating new research from various fields—since no specific discipline addresses the phenomenon— we endeavored upon a project to find what actually happens when two people click. More importantly, we wanted to discover if and how these moments shape our lives. While researching this topic, we initially discovered two big surprises. First, some people are more naturally inclined to form clicking relationships. Second, these people are much more likely to succeed in the workplace. Clicking at work can mean a promotion, a raise, or a position at the center of the company’s social network. Take someone like Moseley. “I do an accountant’s job, which is really administrative,” she reflected. “Because of my relationship with Kelly, I now get invited to events, meetings, and conferences that I’d have no business going to as an accountant.” Professionally, the relationship was mutually beneficial. “Knowing Heather,” McVicker says, “I find out what’s on people’s minds. As a supervisor this is crucial information.”

Moseley wasn’t strategically kissing up to a superior. Rather, she possesses a trait that University of Minnesota psychologist Mark Snyder has dubbed “high self-monitoring.” By interviewing subjects about their ability to imitate the behavior of others and to become the center of attention, Snyder developed a scale of self-monitoring. High self-monitors, he discovered, are social chameleons. Without even realizing it, they adapt their personalities, behavior, and attitudes to fit the people around them. They pick up subtle social cues and tailor their responses to the situation.

Adaptability – that’s the key. It’s not being fake, just understanding that context is everything, and work is no exception.

Waterfront Condos in Baltimore

Baltimore is commonly known as the “City of Neighborhoods”. There are over 300 neighborhoods in Baltimore that retain elements of ethnic groups that formed them throughout Baltimore’s storied history. Perhaps none are more picturesque than Federal Hill with its panoramic view over Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Waterfront condos are in high demand along Federal Hill; fortunately there are ample Baltimore condominiums for sale that offer all the amenities of living in Federal Hill’s quaint neighborhood as well as access to Baltimore’s cultural epicenter along the Inner Harbor.

Federal Hill is home to some of Baltimore’s most spectacular and renowned restaurants and bars. Located a few blocks from the waterfront is a wide variety of world-class cuisine. The Metropolitan, Sobo, Blue Agave, and Matsuri all call Federal Hill home. Neighborhood bars include local favorites like the Dog Pub, The Ropewalk, and Porter’s. The Cross Street Market is the retail and commercial hub for the neighborhood with a wide range of stores, restaurants, and small boutiques. The Enoch Pratt Free Library and the famed American Visionary Art Museum are only minutes from waterfront Baltimore condominiums.

While Federal Hill is quickly becoming a center for urban dwellers who work in or enjoy the amenities of the inner city but like the communal neighborhood feel, the location above the Inner Harbor — Baltimore’s premier urban center — cannot be beat. The Inner Harbor is home to Baltimore’s main cultural and tourist destination. Positioned at the western point of the harbor, the National Aquarium in Baltimore is one of the largest Aquariums in the world and is a recognizable Baltimore landmark. The Harborplace is largely considered the heart of Baltimore and offers a large variety of classic seafood dining establishments that specialize in soft-shell crab as well various retail stores and historic sights.

Waterfront condos in Federal Hill are the ideal neighborhood with a big city feel.

Eating On the Go with Care Packages

Care packages from mom can brighten anyone’s day. Remember coming home from school to fresh baked cookies and milk?

Most college students live in dormitories where they don’t have that kind of warm welcome anymore from their mothers. They’re busy going to classes, libraries, and extra-curricular activities. They don’t have time to think about eating or sleeping.

For mothers, this can be a source of stress as they worry about their children. Although they may wish to do so, mailing their children a home cooked meal isn’t exactly that practical. In addition, mothers who want to send food to their college students are often working or busy so they don’t have the time to send care packages.

However, there is a solution now, as care packages can be purchased and sent to children by working mothers instantaneously with the click of a button.

What would you put into a care package if you were sending something to your child right before exam time?

Well, whatever you choose, you know it has to be something that your child will easily pick up and eat on the go or microwave in a few minutes.

There are a variety of foods and drinks to choose from. For those students with a sweet tooth, there are candies, cookies, chocolate, and a variety of other baked goods available. For those students who need some protein-rich foods, there are nuts, sausage and beef jerky, instant soups, and cheeses available. All these snacks are excellent choices, as your child can much on snacks while they study hard.

These days, families are scattered and living farther away from each other than ever before. You want to send a treat to your brother or sister, or even your niece or nephew for their birthdays. Whoever receives a care package full of treats will be delighted for the gift and for the thought behind it, which is what really counts!

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